Below are assorted ways of creating impactful beginnings I wrote for Monday Night Scribbles. Please enjoy 😄 1. Surprise She delicately placed his finger on the button of the display panel. The star exploded. 🌟 He dragged himself through the door and some leaves blew in with him. Tired and cold, he turned the cornerContinue reading “Beginnings”

The Twins and the Cave

The below story was written as a creative response to Pemulwuy Weeatunga’s The Fethafoot Chronicles: Nyarla and the Circle of Stones. I recommend his works! Prologue By wite reckoning, this year is 4518, four and a half millennia since the man called Jesus tried bringing compassion to the harsh and punitive societies of his time.Continue reading “The Twins and the Cave”

Where ya from?

My ancestors are Germanic tribesmenwho settled then became the Franksand the Vikings who then became the Normanswho then invaded Britain. My ancestors are the French and the Britishwho created the Croft legacy in the 1060swho died out twice and lived onvia the Morgans of Wales. My ancestors are the British and the Scottishwho settled inContinue reading “Where ya from?”


1. Strawberry Goo ‘Calculate time until maximum propulsion reached.’ ’52.5 seconds. Plasma flow destabilisation detected.’‘Divert tertiary systems power to plasma grid.’‘Flow stabilising at 82%.’‘Estimated time until shockwave hits the ship.’‘…’‘Now?’‘Now.’ The ship compressed from the port hind quarter. It took 9 seconds for the deformation to ripple up the 800m long spaceship but only 14 nanosecondsContinue reading “Wipeout”


Take it easySlow downSlow the fuck down! The cute doctors and competent nurses assured menot a strokeor a tumorjust a migraine Stop drinking wine!No more caffeine!Cut the chocolate! The blind spots, kaleidoscopic patterns and fainting assure medruggedfuriousjust stressed. Almost 50 not 15Self-management:Take it easy.

The Mad Scottish Woman

I named a creek after her todayThe name of which she wasn’t appreciativeHappy the water was running awayThe appellation was evocative. Her sideways glance forewarnedOf a suppressed desire to harmAnd I, being well informed,Stood beyond the reach of her arm. ‘Lunch I shall need’, I did so proclaim‘A lovely hot shower you shall need’, saysContinue reading “The Mad Scottish Woman”


If you have a televisionturn it offhang a blanket over itThenunplug itfrom the wall. What shall you do with your brain and heart andsoulwhen thetelevisionisn’t taking it all?  The beast of bore-domisnothing compared to the best of freedom. Choose your toolschoose your couragetake a step on your pathprepare your lineage If you have notifications likedturnreadthemcommentedoff. Just for a dayan experiment, you couldContinue reading “TV”


‘Twas a dark and stormy nightFog and sleet infesting the atmosphereSails tearing from the riggingAnd mutineers lurking in the hull. Battered by these insalubrious ethersWeakened by these vindictive soulsI forge forwardOver towering crest and yawning trough. My treasures safe in the holdMy bow impregnableAnd though my deck be treacherous with iceMy rudder steers us true.Continue reading “Aventura”


Perhaps the fourth time through will work, thought Nevanthi. She had taught many charges through the years but this one demonstrated clear signs of disconnection: while she was quite versed in herb lore, this student seemed to lose the thread during invocations. Keeping her gaze averted so as not to unnerve the apprentice, Nevanthi quicklyContinue reading “Wraenna”

Gramma Disasta

Frighteningly, the icy tentacle caressed her cute pink nose and she began to quiver. She wasn’t sure she could even wriggle; she wasn’t sure she could even blink! There was a hideous gleam in the vile creature’s eyes; eyes which seemed to neither focus nor blink. Her home, which until now had been her innerContinue reading “Gramma Disasta”