Diovay’s Motivations

Diovay’s Motivations Inside the Main Chamber in the last viable Antarctic outpost, the main has found herself surrounded by the local inhabitants, on the end of a series of questions. The are fractious and apprehensive: Diovay possesses tech way beyond what Earth was able to achieve before the Final Days, and as an Orbital, DiovayContinue reading “Diovay’s Motivations”


Outline: A traditional monarch realises her kingdom has been subverted to the machinations of an AI. She must choose between liberty and logic. She glides along the arched hallway, her crimson velvet gown billowing in her wake. Finding the Hall of Assembly empty and silent, she passes through the white marble benches, the cushions onContinue reading “Aide”

The Scar

She keeps moving, too fast to catch up to, too quick. The black curtains occlude her, the floor strewn with cushions, I can’t seem to make headway. She has a mask. It doesn’t suit her face. She keeps staring at me, but always just as she rounds another corner, disappearing behind another curtain. I mustContinue reading “The Scar”


Function: To demonstrate protagonist vs antagonist. ‘Well, you know dear, there isn’t just the time any more. You tried so hard and all the pain and trouble you went through with Larry really wasn’t your fault. You know, you do have your mental problems and you can’t help it. Dear old Larry was good toContinue reading “Villains”

By the 100’s

She takes a conical glass of brightly coloured liquid from the dresser. Staring at the throngs bubbling around her swamped with vibrancy: halls and ceilings seeming to leak black and gold tinsel and coloured lighting all pulsating like heartbeats to their own rhythms. Her face screws up at the nasty, sickly bittersweetness of the drinkContinue reading “By the 100’s”

Out of Place

Coming in low over the sprawling, cluttered city, the plane shook as it swooped toward the landing strip. Craggily barriers hopefully demarcated the ‘airport’ from the surrounding metropolis and the heat began pulsing through the windows The entire holiday, dare I call it that, had been excruciating, and the descent into this equatorial city indicatedContinue reading “Out of Place”