I’m motivated by people’s responses. My mind exploded with new possibilities for making a better world because I read Foundation. The principles of using science and human understanding to map the fall of a civilisation became tangible. This is how we protect the world, the universe, each other. I was only 17. I knew then I wouldContinue reading “Books”

Who Are We?

Theory: our identities are a result of the ideas of our society. Social Identity Theory is the psychology of how each of us sees a group which or a leader of a group who we connect with.  How we know what and who we are looking at is determined by the values we grow upContinue reading Who Are We?


Australia has not declared independence from the British Crown. Over the past 25 years, our political upper class has rejected ancient Australian’s continuous pleas for policy to reflect the Mabo Case No. 2 in 1992 and the High Court Ruling supporting the Native Title Act 1993. Our society has been significantly repurposed for American consumerismContinue reading “Nationalism”

Scientist, please!

Exasperation with communicative foibles. Plants evolved the ability to turn sunlight into energy.Birds created the ability to fly.Reptiles exceeded amphibians by inventing tough, water-proof skin. These three statements are 100% false. Let’s scrutinise them! The topic is genetic mutation resulting in various adaptations. There are uncountable mutations which have happened over the eons but didContinue reading “Scientist, please!”


Racism is a fundamental component of human socialisation. I believe it is homo sapiens’ psychological version of biology’s differentiation of species. A eucalyptus does not sexually interact with wattles, just as bees do not with flies: differentiation results from evolution and results in diversity. Yet eugenics, such as cross-breeding and splicing, has resulted in GreatContinue reading “Ethnicity”

Invisible Religions

Reviewing an academic study on identity, I am struck at how social and psychological effects are well documented. Queer Theory has done much to explore the nature of ‘identity’ and the scientific process has investigated the content of what it means to be ‘male’ or ‘female’, gender fluidity and how identity is as much aContinue reading “Invisible Religions”

Capitalism vs Communism

I had an argument with a lecturer earlier this week. Marx was a very bearded fellow who had many of the works ascribed to him written by his wife, I was informed. The key point of those works was to end exploitation of the worker by removing ownership of factories from non-workers and only letContinue reading “Capitalism vs Communism”


You fear death? Why? In my explorations of beliefs, I have come across many similarities of this universe. The way visible light only happens within such a small range of frequencies, the way subatomic particles balance just so within various forces creating existence, and the poignant yet fleeting connection between creatures resulting in regeneration. TheContinue reading “Death”


This Saturday, Australia votes between neoliberalism and survival. I’m not sure this has ever happened in Australia before. Perhaps the closest we came was in 1899 when the rich white men decided to federate, yet that was a choice of keeping Australia’s wealth within their grasp rather than a point of survival. The National, LiberalContinue reading “Fulcrum”


Last year while studying at a Christian-infested university, one of the devout admonished me for logically constructing ‘morals’ as a distinct and separate idea from ‘theism’. He was uncomfortable that I had provided verifiable and immediately accessible evidence that morals do not stem from religions, much less his and the other students’. Despite his failedContinue reading “Morality”