A Smaller Space

Is there free will? What is the depth of this question? Can we place limits on awareness? Deliciously philosophical questions, I know! Questions… but merely the tip of the tentacle. When I was about 7, I decided to help my mother and, by extension, my brothers and sisters. That eventually extended into helping wherever IContinue reading “A Smaller Space”


Follow the money
into the nightmare
of avarice.

Battle Nations

What PR communicates of a nation’s self-perception.

Free Will

The act of choosing from available choices is a determined selection. However, awareness of the process of that choice is an act of free will. Gnothi sauton.


The consequence of good manners and the expansion of consideration just might interest you.

R, R, R, & R.

Zombie car reemerges with vigour. Happy 80th dad!

All Aboard!

All aboard for the last ride you’ll ever take: neoliberalism offers myriad express lines of mixed messaging and purposeful actions of irresponsibility.