Pluto & the Midheaven

To say I feel stuck implies I have a drive or will to go somewhere or do something.To say I feel lost implies I knew where I was and do not know where I am.To say I feel depressed implies some sort of pressure or submersion. 🪐 Death of Motivation I’ve been driven most ofContinue reading “Pluto & the Midheaven”

Snakes & Ladders

In the game of lifewe move forward, we move back,take a step forward, slip a step backin this game of life. Can’t predict the future:where we go, tomorrow never knowsstriving to make a path, we growin this game of life. From birth, some have a ladderfrom their cradle to the last spoton the board. TheyContinue reading “Snakes & Ladders”


Disparate elements coalescing back to source.

Dawn and Dusk

Reorienting to self
Locus of control
Internally oriented.


Looking for you somewhere No answer, no echo in my head Now the single of a pair. I chose a different path; I dare To step forward without our thread Looking for you somewhere It’s only me wandering fair My duty, my choice, and constant dread Now the single of a pair Awakened from theContinue reading “Autonomous”

A Smaller Space

Is there free will? What is the depth of this question? Can we place limits on awareness? Deliciously philosophical questions, I know! Questions… but merely the tip of the tentacle. When I was about 7, I decided to help my mother and, by extension, my brothers and sisters. That eventually extended into helping wherever IContinue reading “A Smaller Space”


Follow the money
into the nightmare
of avarice.


From jagged cliff edge, across rickety bridge, sanctuary.