Chiron: Drama and Healing

If I don’t keep poking myself with this fork, things will be worse! That’s what happened last time! I have to!

All Aboard!

All aboard for the last ride you’ll ever take: neoliberalism offers myriad express lines of mixed messaging and purposeful actions of irresponsibility.


What’s that thingcoming toward me?murky edgesclawing its way forward Moaninggroaningseems so distantyet so closeIt knows me! Frozenlegs won’t movethroat stuck closedmind frizzed in staticIt comes! ButI know itI sense itI feel it yearning to be with me…again? Closer it strugglesa hand reaches for mein the darknessI cannotnot respond. This thing I knowit is connected to meIContinue reading “Remembrance”

Chiron Return

Chiron reflects what we avoid in ourselves. By sign and house, we can clarify what we most fear about ourselves: existing? having a body? relationships? The position of Chiron thusly indicates how to approach our fears and attempt a resolution. Transits of Chiron to natal Chiron time when these fears arise and that we mayContinue reading “Chiron Return”


Thanks to Crecganford on YouTube for the framework! Please visit his channel. Science is not so avant-garde as you may suspect. Of course, for people who had convinced each other that something created existence in a few days, the likes of Darwin presented an alternative. Research into cosmology over the past 50-odd years has extendedContinue reading “Derivatives”


History is odd. Over the past few years, I’ve studied Identity with a capital ‘I’ and learned that it really is in the eye of the beholder. How we define ourselves is not always a conscious choice, nor even a choice for most: it just happens to be what we fit in society. This isContinue reading “Skewed”

Internal Abuser

Learning from abusers means we must unlearn what we have learned once we escape.

Exercise: Status

Galleria  The manacles hold the lusty fool fast to the plinth. The city’s plutocrats have all turned up for the show. The judge has his best leathers on with his favoured red whip. This ought to be good! ‘Greetings guests!’ the Speaker announced, ’This day, the Honourable Maximillian von Hapsburg delivers judgement upon the serfContinue reading “Exercise: Status”

Exercise: Pronouns + Focus

Heroic Pout ‘Where were you, just now?’  Terwyn’s eyes fluttered open. A low moan.  ‘Interesting dream?’  Terwyn rolled onto his side. ‘Coffee.’ ‘Already on. Tell me about your dream.’ Dirk put his hand on Terwyn’s back. ‘The dragon’s eyes. Always watching me. I don’t wanna do this any more.’ He buried his face in theContinue reading “Exercise: Pronouns + Focus”

Exercise: Speech Acts

Sea Change ‘Hey, Saray! It’s on!’ Keev said. The Prime Minister announced today that all public funding for religious groups would be terminated with those funds being diverted back into public health and education. Despite the LNP’s increasing sums of taxation being diverted out of secular society, Labour has implemented a fundamental shift in publicContinue reading “Exercise: Speech Acts”