Experiment in genre-bending fiction and memoir modelled on a literary text, Gulliver’s Travels.


Short story exploring the uncanny as a writing technique.


The manacles hold the lusty fool fast to the plinth. The city’s plutocrats have all turned up for the show. The judge has his best leathers on with his favoured red whip. This ought to be good! ‘Greetings guests!’ the Speaker announced, ’This day, the Honourable Maximillian von Hapsburg delivers judgement upon the serf namedContinue reading “Galleria”

Heroic Pout

‘Where were you, just now?’  Terwyn’s eyes fluttered open. A low moan.  ‘Interesting dream?’  Terwyn rolled onto his side. ‘Coffee.’ ‘Already on. Tell me about your dream.’ Dirk put his hand on Terwyn’s back. ‘The dragon’s eyes. Always watching me. I don’t wanna do this any more.’ He buried his face in the pillows. ‘WhatContinue reading “Heroic Pout”

Sea Change

‘Hey, Saray! It’s on!’ Keev said. The Prime Minister announced today that all public funding for religious groups would be terminated with those funds being diverted back into public health and education. Despite the LNP’s increasing sums of taxation being diverted out of secular society, Labour has implemented a fundamental shift in public spending. ‘AreContinue reading “Sea Change”


He’s grabbed me again, spat on his fingers. Dirtying me more. He’s shoved me in a bag. Dark. Pushing me around. How long this time? I don’t want this.  ‘Scott. Here!’ ‘Yessir?’ He takes me out of the bag and hurls me on the table. Why does he always hurl me? What can’t he justContinue reading “Misuse”

Old Car

Dad’s driving. He always drives. Mum wanted to drive for a while but the one day he let her, she reversed the car through the back wall of the garage into the living room. It was stuck there for three days until the wall could be chocked up and the car pulled out. She neverContinue reading “Old Car”

Drive-by Talking

Bob: How’s your mum? She doing well? Kent: Yeah, I tested her short-term and long-term memory yesterday and both are working. Her left side is still out. But her contextual awareness is low. When normal people think, we automatically double-check our surroundings but mum can’t do that any more. Bob: I started chatting to this really hot guyContinue reading “Drive-by Talking”


He sat in the corner lounge, sunlight patterning through the window, toothbrush between teeth and pad in hand. One corner of his dressing gown, gnawed at by Muru, his prize bilby. Not many were left when he emerged and none left by the time he started school. The first time he saw one in aContinue reading “Muru”