Punitive Pedagogy

What is writing? Pedagogically, it is output, a physical expression of analysis and creativity in word. What is creativity? Pedagogically, this depends on how creative the teacher is to whom you pose this question. It also depends upon who asks them, their level of educational integrity, self-awareness, and etc and etc. If you ask me,Continue reading “Punitive Pedagogy”

Peer Critique

A great way to have students engage with each other, also a pragmatic way to make use of the remaining funds after 50% of secular tax-based revenue was cut and diverted to supremacist groups by the neoLiberal Party, peer critique exercises must be defined pedagogically. This week, a lecturer expressed disappointment that a particular punctuationContinue reading “Peer Critique”


What happens when people who do not know about learning teach people? And then what happens when people who do not know about learning styles teach teachers? And then what happens when people who do not know about skills development and acquisition hire people to teach? We end up with universities full of extremely capableContinue reading “Lemmings”

Intention and Result

Skills Development What is ‘skills development’? For language learning, the opposite of ‘skills’ is ‘knowledge’: what we know about the language is balanced by what we can do with that language. While most of the language learning experiences people have in Japan focus mostly on knowledge acquisition, accompanied by some speaking practice, the ultimate objectiveContinue reading “Intention and Result”

Skills Acquisition

Know or Use Cramming more information into someone’s head does not help them communicate with another human beings later on down the track. Adults usually have a huge passive wealth of knowledge not just about L2 (the second language, in this case English), but also about L1 (one’s primary language). So, what is the purposeContinue reading “Skills Acquisition”

English as a Tool

We build tools to amplify our abilities and language is merely another tool we employ. As the world has developed into an interconnected global village, English has become the lingua franca – the predominant tool for communication. Before English was French or Chinese or Latin, but currently, English is our global linguistic tool. My goalContinue reading “English as a Tool”

Making Connections

The adult learner has a wealth of knowledge not just about the language they need to study, but about how their primary language functions. Most people aware of their learning style and what they need to know. What most people lack is an awareness of how their brains can be supported in learning, or howContinue reading “Making Connections”


Causes for some people not learning I often wonder why my methods and approach are not successful when they aren’t. I try to understand what happens during the process of establishing rapport which is where most disconnects related to learning and development begin. Unlike the industry-standard first lesson where I’ve noticed most English language instructorsContinue reading “Anti-Learn”