Unchanging Microsoft

Surface DuoAlmost four years ago, MS unveiled a dual screen smart-ish phone to take on Samsung and Royale and Huwawei at the ugly of smart tablets which fold in half. Perhaps MS had better screens up its sleeve than Samsung, or access to better chips than Samsung, or a better manufacturing business than Samsung, orContinue reading “Unchanging Microsoft”

Universal Control

No lag. At all. For all the non-tech and non-Apple users who may read this, let me explain. Since Jobs unveiled MobileMe a very long time ago, the idea of linking all your data and devices together disturbed the ‘people’ at Microsoft, RIM, Motorola, Samsung and Nokia: ‘How could this even be possible?’ they wailed,Continue reading “Universal Control”

Design and Popularity

How devices are designed has more to do with the vision which contextualises that design: difficult to use hardware and irritating software convey little vision or little talent to manifest a big vision. When Blackberry released their messaging system, it was based on the vision of easy texting. Android was updated in 2009-2011 based onContinue reading “Design and Popularity”


2015 iPhone 6S A9 Single 552; Multi 1015  2019 iPhone 11 Pro Max A12 Single 1325; Multi 3437 2016 9.7” iPad Pro A9X Single 640; Multi 1181 2020 10.9” iPad Air A14 Single 1585; Multi 4194 2015 13” MBP i5 Single 761; Multi 1624 2020 13” MBP M1 Single 1692; Multi 7305 C/- https://browser.geekbench.com I wasContinue reading “Benchmarks”

Here’s Jony

He is here in the translucency, the diamond-cut chamfered edges, the exquisite materials of the GUI, and the exceptional thinness and portability, all hall-marks of the best tech on the planet. You can still see his touches in the rounded corners of the pre-2020 models iPhone, iPad and Apple watch, and in the operating systemsContinue reading “Here’s Jony”

Blast from the Past

Two days ago, the motherboard in my 2015 MacBook Pro decided to die, leaving me with my trusty 2016 iPad Pro and a 2012 Dell XPS.  I’ll have you know that before moving across to Macs I spent a lot of time repairing, upgrading and building PC’s based on Windows 7. I loved it! PuttingContinue reading “Blast from the Past”

Garden of Delight

Apple Silicon promises to FINALLY move technology beyond the 1980s, and really not a moment too soon. The world of technology took an enormous flailing-arms step backward in 2006 when Apple moved from PowerPC to Intel, and now Apple is correcting that misfortune. What was up with that? It all boiled down to money, asContinue reading “Garden of Delight”