Universal Control

No lag.

At all.

For all the non-tech and non-Apple users who may read this, let me explain.

Since Jobs unveiled MobileMe a very long time ago, the idea of linking all your data and devices together disturbed the ‘people’ at Microsoft, RIM, Motorola, Samsung and Nokia: ‘How could this even be possible?’ they wailed, ‘It must be WITCHCRAFT!’ Gnashing of teeth and rending of garments ensued.

Then MobileMe was released and was a disaster of epic proportions.

Jobs yelled at the idiots responsible.

Then the bipeds who still yearned for Intel Inside ™️ were slapped into 2015 with iCloud which actually DID put all your data in one place and so when you broke your iPhone you could happily $$$$ buy a brand new one from Apple and all your ❤️data❤️ just downloaded into your beautiful new iPhone and it all just worked ™️ .

iMac was the first PC with Internet built in; iBook was the first laptop with WiFi built in; Apple was the first computer company with redundancy built in.

Oh, wait. That didn’t quite come across right.

After iPhone destroyed Android, RIM, Windows Phone (🤣🤣🤣) and iPad terrified Microsoft + Samsung into building a ‘tablet’ (actual usability not included), iCloud went on to become the base of all Apple products from the tiniest Nano to the largest MBP: iCloud became the idea which allowed all the people to harmonise. 

Continued unbridled disasters such as Android, Samsung, Nokia and Microsoft still struggle with the simplest of concepts such as hard disk encryption and the ‘ought we store facial recognition data points in plain text?’ continued to allow Apple to service people who want quality.

To fondle their customers, and I do love such attention make NO mistake, Apple has released Universal Control.

Where iCloud moved your priceless address book, apps and music to the cloud for access on any registered Apple device, UC goes in the opposite direction: you can access your iPads and Macs with each’s hardware.

‘What the HELL are you yabbering about??’ I hear you plead in consternation.

UC means I can use my trackpad on my Mac to interact with my iPad. I can also use my iPad trackpad to interact with my Mac.

*After the initial set up, of course. Security!

Alphagoo and Microsoft are having conniptions.

When all machines (yes, more than two at once!) are unlocked, I simply move my cursor from that screen to the other and that cursor takes control. I type from one keyboard on the other device. This isn’t screen sharing or extending: each device is operating independently.

The advantage?
It is instant.
It is automatic.
It is independent.

The disadvantage?
Uses more electricity – but with Apple Ax and Mx chips, even five machines still use less energy than one Intel Inside ™️ machine.

I am quite astonished at how well it works and I recommend UC to everyone.