The Little Huntsman

Studying with Scribbleson Monday night,a spider wandered up past the topon the wallbehind my laptop screen. Oooh!I disturbed the group as the beastscamperedup the wallto perch near my high school painting. After class it had adopted the opposite wallby the place where myfeet would be while I sleep. It dodged the tea-toweltook three shots of sprayand wandered away. ‘Twas a happy me whoContinue reading “The Little Huntsman”

The Mad Scottish Woman

I named a creek after her todayThe name of which she wasn’t appreciativeHappy the water was running awayThe appellation was evocative. Her sideways glance forewarnedOf a suppressed desire to harmAnd I, being well informed,Stood beyond the reach of her arm. ‘Lunch I shall need’, I did so proclaim‘A lovely hot shower you shall need’, saysContinue reading “The Mad Scottish Woman”