So hard to do leaving you but I did it again you invited me back I was lost and losing crying in the dark ‘I’ll take care of you’ and back I came I knew but I hoped it wouldn’t be pain and misery supposed to care supposed to know supposed to love traps setContinue reading “Detaching”

Yes and No

Hall of mirrors no way out hall of visions turn about Find the answer look for the key running non-stop what do you see? A face a leaf a clue the tip of a tentacle Not quite right don’t question just be silent mind your inflections Make the choice that is always appreciated comply youContinue reading “Yes and No”


TwistingTurningFloatingDrifting The breeze ticklesIt pushesIt forcesHurls Up, cloudDown, moonLeft, riverRight, the Sun Left, birdUp, starsRight, dogDown, dawn. Nothing to grabNo holdNo one nearThis deathly dance


I feel you in the night I can’t see you but I hear youCalling to me and drawing meBut I’m not free to Be meYou see? Like a ceiling that holds me downAnd stops me going upTrapped in my mind the thoughts bind There’s a crime here and it’s gotta be saidThat what drives me toContinue reading “Origin”


I’m not leaving you againnot this timenot like beforeand beforeandbefore I promise I won’t run awaynot this timeI’ll stay with youI’ll stayIt’s true Maybe I’m old and tiredI’ve been around the planetMaybe I should have taken you with meIf I hadn’t run from what I knew I’m really not good at thisnot this feelingnot thisContinue reading “Apart”


Waves wash up the beachTickling toesTinkling sand follows their wake Sitting on the sand legs are splashedRivulets drawingGazing at the sheet of water retreating Follow the wave in as it flows under the nextFrothy bubblesWater dances happily around arms, legs, and body Deeper water, larger waves, float on the surfaceCaressing bubblesDive under the next wave,Continue reading “Submerging”


drop downlike a stonein aponddropsinksail downinto thedarkness fall throughthe waterthrough thedepths andlet the pressure build lose sight of the worldabovelet goof the peopleyou know forget who youusedto be andseejustand simplywho you are let goof the worldyou knowandflow downuntilyou touchtheground


What’s that thingcoming toward me?murky edgesclawing its way forward Moaninggroaningseems so distantyet so closeIt knows me! Frozenlegs won’t movethroat stuck closedmind frizzed in staticIt comes! ButI know itI sense itI feel it yearning to be with me…again? Closer it strugglesa hand reaches for mein the darknessI cannotnot respond. This thing I knowit is connected to meIContinue reading “Remembrance”

The City

1968 footage of Melbourne Colour refreshed and details enhancedTrams and American carsThrumming with peopleA police officer takes off his pith helmetWipes his brow No children, only adultsWhite men and womenDashing about their dayA couple take a cruise on the YarraAll of them dead nowAll those cars gone, too I guess some of those trams were preservedSomeContinue reading “The City”