Apple 2022: The Year of Stupid

Putting a USB 2.0 chip in the USB C port on iPad 10, iPhone 14 Pro Mox camera worse than 13, M2, and box designs from 2006. Then there’s the About This Mac which has less information and is more difficult to operate along with QuickTime Player, now ten times more irritating to use with 50% less functionality.

It’s as if Cook put the temps in charge.


USB 2.0 is about 20 times slower the USB C on MacBooks and iPad Pros. This cannot be a cost-cutting measure as the hardware cost is insignificant. This is definitely Apple’s ploy to have customers pay more for faster speeds.

Poorer cameras on the latest model iPhones can only mean a software patch is in the wings to tidy up the post-processing. Won’t come soon enough.

M2 is simply evidence of how far ahead M1 leapt. Software and gaming titles still aren’t expanding quickly enough to outflank complaints and the sudden reputation for incompetence at Apple. Let’s hope they give developers money before this gets worse. Apple isn’t exactly poor these days.

At least Apple finally got rid of the Butterflies and the Touch Bar.

The Titanium MacBook Pro was nice for its time, but that was 15 years ago. The thick and boxy designs of Macs are not elegant or stylish. The boxy designs of iPads are not comfortable to hold or pleasing to look at. iPhones are always in cases anyway.

The About This Mac window used to have discreet tabs for processing, memory, storage and admin. Now some of these are in the new iPhone-inspired window, some like storage are not. Storage is now buried at the bottom of a different window so WHY???

And the new QuickTime Player, bloody hell. Sometimes pinch to open works, sometimes not. Sometimes videos play automatically, sometimes not. Sometimes it’s just still buffering but QTP does not tell you either way. And QTP definitely does NOT want to be closed out of full screen: the ‘X’ moves about as you try to tap it like it’s deliberately devoid of usability. And through a letterbox is your only viewing choice now.

What was the meeting like prior to this release: *glug *glug *glug aw yeah hahaha this’ll annoy ‘em! Hahahahaha! Yeah, let’s do it!

‘It’s like magic, it just works.’ Jobs passed away too long ago and it seems on-the-job training has gotten out of hand.