2015 MBP 5yr Review

As per usual, there is a backstory related to whatever I happen to o be experiencing, so… shall we? My ex from 2006 gave his 2012 MBA, for the second time, last year. I loved the new macOS Mojave – just a little bit smoother, a little bit slicker, a little more refined – andContinue reading “2015 MBP 5yr Review”

2012 MacBook Air

Background Something interesting happened on the way to the review, and I became aware that I didn’t want what I had previously wanted, and that I understood why I wanted something new. But old! So here’s my review of the 2012 MacBook Air. In March this year, 2019, a friend was seriously ill. Just beforeContinue reading “2012 MacBook Air”

What I Hate About MBP

Very little, actually. I would much prefer a Retina Display on my Macbook Pro, but this 2011 model covers all of my non-gaming, every day needs. If you have an old Mac which is a little slow, simply put in an SSD. Check out ifixit.com to check your specific Mac model and how easy orContinue reading “What I Hate About MBP”

Ipac Mro Zagic…?

Err, iPad Pro with Zagg Keyboard and Apple Magic Trackpad 2 Using a 2011 MacBook Pro and a 2015 12.9 iPad Pro side-by-side really highlights just how far the iPad has failed to come, and what ‘usage scenario’ means. Over the past forty years, the way we interact with computers has changed very little, andContinue reading “Ipac Mro Zagic…?”


With stark horror, as I sat down to a decanter of red, that I have had iPhone 11 Pro Max in my possession for over a week now, yet I still haven’t reviewed it, let alone made a post about it. This, one must conclude, is rather poor treatment for a 130000円 device! AND Apple’sContinue reading “iMax”

Two Loves: Mac or Pad?

The right tool for the job is the guiding principle for how we choose cars, homes, and computers. With greater awareness of the job, and our own skill sets, we gradually learn what tool best matches what job. In 2010, iPhone 4 removed my need to carry around four separate tools: a ridiculous Samsung OmniaContinue reading “Two Loves: Mac or Pad?”

The History of the Macintosh

Apple Computer The History of the Macintosh In 1978, the Apple Lisa began development as the embodiment of applied and humanised computing being demonstrated at Xerox Parc. Steve Jobs was in charge of this expensive failure, and saw his first GUI-based computing solution out-performed by the Macintosh. Jef Raskin began the Mac project in 1979Continue reading “The History of the Macintosh”