Little Green Ant

She crossed the room, marble floors and columnated ceiling far above. Light piercing from above. Tapestries covering the walls. She knelt at the prescribed distance from the throne and stared at her scarpins.  ‘The Lady Carinda, My Lord,’ announced the Grand Harlequin.  His Majesty must have glanced sideways as the boots of the Guard marchedContinue reading “Little Green Ant”


‘Lord Henry Wotton, I must impress upon you the necessity for you to stay, if not only a few moments more?’  The hat and gloves returned to the divan. Dorian’s eyes were bright in satisfaction. ‘Thank-you, Lord Henry. Even a long discussion on philanthropy would be preferable to the endless strokes of a brush onContinue reading “Matinee”


‘I really like this theme you seem to be building about making beds. Can you tell me what happens in the story and how it develops and what takes place?’ ‘Yeah, it is about making beds. It’s about how my ex-boyfriend committed suicide in my bed and I saved his life.’ ‘I recommend you, andContinue reading “Recursive”

Tough Crowd

The cavernous chasm between the haves and the have nots and how we may bridge it.

Delta Key

Experimenting with homoerotica contextualised within current communications technology format

Eighty-One Days

A D R A N Some people look to the heavens and, believing they see heaven, persecute any who do not share their vision. Some look to hell, use others, lie and betray, creating hell on Earth.But we are neither angels nor demons: we are human. Earth’s horizon is our guide-star. Prologue > System active: Please stateContinue reading “Eighty-One Days”


The golden eyes pierced his soul, what little there was of it. He could see what the beast was seeing and he wasn’t impressed, either. A puny male thing, as relevant to this scaled monster as a gnat was to him. Fight, flight or freeze? They were all irrelevant. His sword and shield dropped. HeContinue reading “Dissida”


Creative Non-Fiction: Writing Styles 🖋 Character Description Eight legs and eight eyes, she pulls the strings from behind the scenes as she stealthily weaves her webs. Fine hairs cover her body and legs, her spinnerets work flawlessly. This spider learnt to read. She worked tirelessly through the nights to save someone she barely knew. MostContinue reading “Portfolio”


Creative Non-Fiction: Personal Essay + Journal 🇯🇵 Adran Arrival Belonging is a necessity for psychological health and most seem to belong somewhere, somehow. Aboriginal Australians assert they belong to the land whereas the British-descended Australians claim the land belongs to them. The strongest sense of belonging I have is to this planet. I’m not sureContinue reading “Belonging”