John M Wenitong

A new warrior for a new age John M Wenitong is a perfect example of Australia’s cosmopolitan culture: he is parts Scottish, Aboriginal, Nepalese, Sri Lankan and Indian. Born in Gladstone in 1955, he did not discover his ancient Australian heritage until 23. At 36 he finished his degree in Literature and Aboriginal Studies andContinue reading “John M Wenitong”

The Twins and the Cave

The below story was written as a creative response to Pemulwuy Weeatunga’s The Fethafoot Chronicles: Nyarla and the Circle of Stones. I recommend his works! Prologue By wite reckoning, this year is 4518, four and a half millennia since the man called Jesus tried bringing compassion to the harsh and punitive societies of his time.Continue reading “The Twins and the Cave”

Eddie Mabo and Legal Doctrine

 Global White and the Mabo Case I recognise Indigenous custom and inheritance of the land. I recognise the British Crown has no legal sovereignty over the lands and islands of Australia.  Australian culture presents as friendly, fair and free, yet this quickly dissipates when inspecting Australia’s historical and current treatment of its non-white citizens, in particularContinue reading “Eddie Mabo and Legal Doctrine”

Multuggerah (c. 1820-1846)

This biography attempts to inform the reader as to the limitations of biographical work: the records of First Nations peoples in Australia is limited, partly through oral cultural tradition, partly through the destructive colonial policy of ‘assimilation’. However it is vital the reader ‘fill in the blanks’ when reading about our Indigenous people’s lives. WhileContinue reading “Multuggerah (c. 1820-1846)”

Comparing Indigenous Cultures

Section 1 Part A: Pre-Contact Aboriginal Maori Sami Pre-Contact The Dreamtime:Human, physical and sacred worlds exist throughout all time; all things are connected physically, socially and spiritually (Aboriginal Art and Culture 2021). The Matauranga:Intergenerational observations continuously extended: psychology, astronomy, philosophy, science, ecology and justice (Dell 2021). Paganism:All things have a spiritual force; polytheistic: Father, Mother,Continue reading “Comparing Indigenous Cultures”

What is Masculinity?

Mod 8 or 9 Reflective Blog Alternatives Connell explores the definition of masculinity as a social order related to biological reproduction (p. 71 1995) and white heterosexuals as the default of patriarchy (p. 77 1995). Connell (p. 78 1995) also notes that being gay is a detraction from being a real man, due to itsContinue reading “What is Masculinity?”

Critical Reflection & Evidence

University of New England Armidale HLTH101: Information and Evidence in Health and Social Care Due Date 03/02/2021 Critical Reflection This document is specifically for the purpose of developing critical reflection techniques. Through the Health 101 course as part of the Diploma in Community Welfare and Wellbeing, students made six forum posts as part of professional skillsContinue reading “Critical Reflection & Evidence”

Communication Breakdowns

Proving professional interdisciplinary teamwork. University of New England Armidale HLTH102: Interprofessional Practice in Health and Social Care Due Date 03/02/2021 The Definition of Leader  The Health 102: Interprofessional Practice in Health and Social Care course, provided at the University of New England, Armidale, provides a case study by which students may become familiar with relevantContinue reading “Communication Breakdowns”