Drive-by Talking

Bob: How’s your mum? She doing well?

Kent: Yeah, I tested her short-term and long-term memory yesterday and both are working. Her left side is still out. But her contextual awareness is low. When normal people think, we automatically double-check our surroundings but mum can’t do that any more.

Bob: I started chatting to this really hot guy this morning.

Kent: What?

Bob: Yeah, he’s really cute.

Kent: What – no response? What are you changing topics for?

Bob: Oh, I thought you finished talking about that.

Kent: How can you even say that?

Bob: What?! I just thought you’d finished.

Kent: Yeah, no, I hadn’t. Why did you change topics?

Bob: I just didn’t want you to start crying again.

Kent: What’s that got to do with it?

Bob: You know I’m not got with that stuff.

Kent: Considering how much support I’ve given you over the last 18 months…

Bob: I just can’t deal with that stuff.

Kent: Maybe you should learn a new trick.

Bob: OK, then, keep talking about her.

Kent: Wow.

Bob: I can’t cry like that. I guess I did once but I had four bottles of wine.

Kent: Yeah, and you also ran around naked.

Bob: Haha! That was a bit of a shock to everyone…

Kent: Well, I don’t know how well she’ll recover. I’ve been training my sisters to help her focus on rehab. She isn’t really aware of her condition—

Bob: Yeah, well, it’s not so bad. After my stroke I couldn’t sing any more. 

Kent: I told her I’d get her car if she didn’t do the rehab exercises—

Bob: My dad’s stroke wasn’t so bad but towards the end I’m glad he went the way he did.

Kent: Yeah, I know, you told me. I need to talk about what’s been happening with mum.

Bob: I’m letting you!

Kent: Bob, I don’t wanna fight you about this! I just need to talk about what’s happening!

Bob: I never said you couldn’t! I’m letting you!

Kent: Right. OK. Don’t worry about it.

Bob: Go on. Tell me what she said.

Kent: She told me I’d have to be her driver and that I wouldn’t want that—

Bob: Ha! You already have that job as my driver.

Kent: Yep. We’ll be at the cafe in 5 minutes.

Bob: I need to buy some more eye drops.