18 March 2020 I’m fascinated by the impact this viral pandemic is having on societies the world over. The daily activities of hundreds of millions of people is being affected, and any habit which pertains to unhygienic behaviour is being socially altered.  In cultures where physical touch forms part of daily greetings, viral spread isContinue reading “Corona”

Thoughts on Australia

As a continent, Australia is moving north toward the equator at almost seven centimetres a year. Already a huge desert, it may come as no surprise whatsoever that this country is only getting hotter and drier. That doesn’t take a lot of deep thought to grasp. Rising global temperatures are also no complex thing toContinue reading “Thoughts on Australia”

Thoughts on Brexit

As anyone who watched Yes, Minister in the late 70’s and early 80’s, Britain should never have joined the EU. The political, psychological and cultural landscape of England is simply not consciously capable of such an endeavour. Rather than being joined in harmony with its closest neighbours, England has actually gone to the extreme positionContinue reading “Thoughts on Brexit”

Star Trek

Up there with Apple, Star Trek is one of the most important, positive contributions of modern North American culture to humanity. Gene Roddenberry’s infallible vision of the future, where humanity has overcome the biological and physiological necessities, and strives toward the emotional, intellectual as a path toward the spiritual, is perhaps the only modern andContinue reading “Star Trek”

Slick Humanity Continuing to allow companies to benefit from industrial destruction of the planet naturally has consequences. There’s not much that can be done on a personal level when entire countries have been structured to operate as profit-supporting entities, going even so far as the culture being completely reoriented on consumerism. Pesticides known to destroyContinue reading “Slick Humanity”