Wishful Thinking

‘Oh, it was meant to be.’‘It was destiny.’‘It happened according to fate.’ Or, worst of all:‘It is God’s will.’ In a conversation about the types of people ‘we bring into our lives’, I realised that this phrase is loaded with ignorance. Ignorance of psychology and ignorance of social identification.  Earlier, I was accused of ‘choosing’Continue reading “Wishful Thinking”

White Skin Black Soul

The lucky countryShimmers in the sunSoaks in the rainsLosing gum trees. Men with guns and germsBurnt by the sunShivering in the wintersShow no concern. Centuries of genocideWhite men stealing black babiesGenerations of traumaWhite courage died. Money flows herePower followsThe lucky countryRansacked clear. Foreign godsAlien technologiesKnow nothingTo survive the odds. Not here.Not in the lucky country.GenocideContinue reading “White Skin Black Soul”

Naturally Sexual

Below are analysed some issues regarding sexuality. Off the top of my head, there are many studies from psychology, sociology, neurology and et cetera which clearly indicate that sexuality can not be categorised as only heterosexual or homosexual: gender and sexuality and identity interact and form a tapestry of human experience.  There are many religionsContinue reading “Naturally Sexual”

Creative Professional

I’ve always considered myself to be creative, but until 2019, I never considered becoming a creative professional. And it wasn’t until 2021 that I began investing in the education relevant to supporting this endeavour. I’ve applied my creative skills in landscape gardening, bicycle and home repairs, and teaching English as a second language, but somehowContinue reading “Creative Professional”

Paradoxically, Trauma

Perhaps the deepest unfairness about trauma and recovery involves treating others as one has not been treated. I have met a few people who are essentially good with very clear moral awareness yet are plagued with the unfairness of their circumstances. Victims of trauma are deeply familiar with injustice. Based on my limited training, itContinue reading Paradoxically, Trauma

You Deserve It!

Since returning to Australia, the phrase ‘You deserve it’ has often passed my ears, yet I’m not sure what it is meant to convey. I’ve often been the recipient of this when stating how I have addressed my needs in terms of somewhere more suitable to study or dealing more effectively with stressful situations. TheContinue reading “You Deserve It!”

One-Trick Pony

As the self-aggrandising consumerist society continues blundering through its first tangible threat since its inception in the early 1900s, a swath of individuals throughout societies around the globe are scrambling to attach themselves to any source of revenue. Some are better positioned than others, but multitudes of people are dependent upon the the economic policesContinue reading “One-Trick Pony”

Culture vs Society

Black lives matter? All lives matter. The gross injustices and institutionalised racism in TUSA is the most broadcast example of this version of inhumanity, yet it certainly is neither rare nor unique. The culture of the American States is grounded in exploitation of one racially identifying group by another, something which grew out of BritishContinue reading “Culture vs Society”