The Mad Scottish Woman

I named a creek after her today
The name of which she wasn’t appreciative
Happy the water was running away
The appellation was evocative.

Her sideways glance forewarned
Of a suppressed desire to harm
And I, being well informed,
Stood beyond the reach of her arm.

‘Lunch I shall need’, I did so proclaim
‘A lovely hot shower you shall need’, says she
Covered in mud and standing in the rain
I quibbled over the heat that there may be.

‘The lunch was just scrumptious!’
She beamed with pride at my compliments
Yet always suspecting me of being unctuous
Suspicion lurked betwixt the sentiments.

Lunch done
Dinner too
We often have fun
While feeling blue.

Almost 90 years has stood this house
Six children have grown within its walls
With cats and dogs and chickens and mice
Onto which branches and sunshine and rain also falls.

Yet 3 was I when we here moved
Soon 50 years home this place will be
Poverty and destitution and trial has proved
The principle with which you may agree:

The vision held by a mad Scottish woman
Against all odds how she has won
A house, nay a home! with tenacious acumen
And a little creek down which the rain doth run.