I look at all our silly shite
The world run by the uninitiated boys

We aspire to go higher
We think spirituality is up there in the air

But we can’t know if it’s satan or santy claus
A white guy with a big white beard?

Use ya brain
The human soul is not up there away

Our souls are not disconnected in the skies.
They are at our feet! They are in each other’s eyes!

Our desperate desire to have daddy tell us
That we are good not bad

Is not spiritual devotion
It is psychological dissociation!

Put our feet down and feel the Earth
Feel her immensity and know her worth

Give up immature fantasies
Of faith and purity and evil and guilt

Look for our souls 
In the people in front of us!

Find your soul
In the land beneath your feet!

Find our souls
In each other’s eyes!