Lismore High School

Lismore High School The alien visits the school. Again. Lurking along the sides of the playground where the other kids are playing handball or chatting loudly. The alien identifies the most central yet unobtrusive place, by the wall. Obvious yet unobtrusive. Out comes the Top Deck. The alien smiles when other kids come near himContinue reading “Lismore High School”

The Beast

Hear it!Snuffling in its caveScrabbling aboutShuffling toward the opening Don’t make a sound!Take another breathSilentlyFind another toe hold Further up the cliff faceRain is comingDon’t let a pebble fallDon’t rouse the beast Fingers acheArms and legs need a restMuscles judderKeep moving up! Its head appearsSnout angling for scentOf preyShrink against the rock Hold tight!Fingers weakenRightContinue reading “The Beast”

Cross Over

What is on the other side?The bridge is ricketyIt creaks under my weightThe sunlight bright and clear. One foot in front of the otherThe bridge swaysThe breeze whistles pastI grip the vines for support. Cross over the chasmReject everything learnedSay goodbye to all that went beforePropelled forward by Thousands of facesSigns of connectionSatisfaction at growthPowerfulContinue reading “Cross Over”

Titan Origins (Ire)

Preparation of a novel in development. This is the mythos of the main characters.

Delta Key

Experimenting with homoerotica contextualised within current communications technology format

Eighty-One Days

A D R A N Some people look to the heavens and, believing they see heaven, persecute any who do not share their vision. Some look to hell, use others, lie and betray, creating hell on Earth.But we are neither angels nor demons: we are human. Earth’s horizon is our guide-star. Prologue > System active: Please stateContinue reading “Eighty-One Days”


The golden eyes pierced his soul, what little there was of it. He could see what the beast was seeing and he wasn’t impressed, either. A puny male thing, as relevant to this scaled monster as a gnat was to him. Fight, flight or freeze? They were all irrelevant. His sword and shield dropped. HeContinue reading “Dissida”


I look at all our silly shiteThe world run by the uninitiated boys We aspire to go higherWe think spirituality is up there in the air But we can’t know if it’s satan or santy clausA white guy with a big white beard? Use ya brainThe human soul is not up there away Our soulsContinue reading “Soul”

The Little Huntsman

Studying with Scribbleson Monday night,a spider wandered up past the topon the wallbehind my laptop screen. Oooh!I disturbed the group as the beastscamperedup the wallto perch near my high school painting. After class it had adopted the opposite wallby the place where myfeet would be while I sleep. It dodged the tea-toweltook three shots of sprayand wandered away. ‘Twas a happy me whoContinue reading “The Little Huntsman”