Perhaps the fourth time through will work, thought Nevanthi. She had taught many charges through the years but this one demonstrated clear signs of disconnection: while she was quite versed in herb lore, this student seemed to lose the thread during invocations. Keeping her gaze averted so as not to unnerve the apprentice, Nevanthi quicklyContinue reading “Wraenna”

Gramma Disasta

Frighteningly, the icy tentacle caressed her cute pink nose and she began to quiver. She wasn’t sure she could even wriggle; she wasn’t sure she could even blink! There was a hideous gleam in the vile creature’s eyes; eyes which seemed to neither focus nor blink. Her home, which until now had been her innerContinue reading “Gramma Disasta”

Leaves and Coincidences

~ a short memoir ~ Late December, 2019 His large belly hangs over his knee-length shorts and he stands there, staring at me, as we wait for the elevator to arrive.  ‘How’s your day been?’  His Canadian accent wanders through his full beard. My internal processors fail to generate a response. He seems to radiateContinue reading “Leaves and Coincidences”


Enormous waves crash endlessly, far, far below.My footsteps proceed along the edge, A small way from the dusty rim.The roar of surf dimmed by the distance,As pebbles fall silently toward the roil. Just jump! It would be so easy, I know.Many times the ease of the fall has conquered me.This time is different. This time myContinue reading “Cliff”

Stepping Forward

He is crying again, tears falling.Sobs burble up from humanityReflecting the steps forward. Stress drives people to suicide,To murder, to grow.Reflecting the steps forward. Kindness comes unexpected,The only door opens.Reflecting the steps forward. Death our constant companion,Life our only mode:Reflecting our steps forward. The horror of morality falls away:How can he be nice to himself?ReflectingContinue reading “Stepping Forward”


Filled with objects from around the world, the oft extended cottage bursts at the seams with a lifetime of keepsakes and furniture of all descriptions. The eclectic paintings of disparate themes are all accentuated by the rainbow of vibrant hues on the walls. Myriad mats and carpets, a kaleidoscope on the floors. At first glance,Continue reading “Principles”

The Battle

Which is more important: the search for truth, or the realisation that truth is relative? Where do we place our alliances: with the unknown or the untrue? I give my heart and it is diced and discarded,My faith in thee accounts for nil.Rend these emotional ties! Release these intellectual games!Fly through and be that whichContinue reading “The Battle”

Love Story

Silence of Contempt In many ways, Japan is an exquisite example of how an economy goes up and comes down. There are many who may believe that capitalism and consumerism present the only way forward, yet despite the many brilliant and amazing advances generated by competitiveness, there’s never a free lunch. The production and transportContinue reading “Love Story”


I close my eyes and the people vanish. The train continues to rumble and clatter, the crossings sounding as we pass roads. The wheels make the same comforting rhythm despite being on seamless tracks. The perfectly modulated voice continues to warn of doors opening and closing, and to give the stops along the route.  IsContinue reading “Emergence”


Famous novelist, all round sweet guy, and life of the party, is dead. Laying on the floor he looks so incongruous with his established personality traits. Even sleeping it’s doubtful he could remain that still. Murder, it seems. At this party, no less! The attendees are all present, and herein hides the perpetrator of thisContinue reading “Whodunit”