Lismore High School

Lismore High School

The alien visits the school. Again. Lurking along the sides of the playground where the other kids are playing handball or chatting loudly. The alien identifies the most central yet unobtrusive place, by the wall. Obvious yet unobtrusive.

Out comes the Top Deck.

The alien smiles when other kids come near him and the chocolate is offered. They ask the usual questions.

What’s ya name?

Where ya from?

How long ya been ‘ere?

The alien offers some chocolate and answers the questions with a smile. Jealous at the other kids: laughing, playing. Longing to participate.

They know the rules. They know each other.

The alien lasted a whole 2 years at that school and befriended other aliens there: Ashley the boy who hit puberty and exploded into manhood, covered in body hair by the time he was 13. The alien was horrified when Ashley showed the massive bloody scabs from the first shaving attempt. The alien reassured him that he didn’t need to shave his legs. The alien loved the hairy legs.

Narina was from Box Ridge and had the cutest smile and lovely dark skin. The alien brought Tim Tams for her one day and she seemed very happy. The alien always had time for her and her cousin. They always spoke together verging on flirting, but young ones don’t always know what they are doing.

These were two of the alien’s friends. Most would consider them acquaintances, but the alien cherished them and still does.

There was a white girl called Clarissa or Cassandra. Something beginning with C. This the alien though she was a friend but she was unpredictable and aggressive toward the end. Toward the end, the alien marked her as ‘enemy’. The last time they met, she mounted a physical attack. The alien escaped on a home-styled contraption with triple hub gears, indicators, radio, lights and banana seat, rear bike rack and mud guards.


The alien loved the 70s.

The alien loved most about that school the 15 minutes silent reading before classes began. None of the books have stayed in memory, but being able to shush other students until time was up allowed the alien control and comfort and security.

Other enemies were created but the alien wasn’t bothered at all.