The Beast

Hear it!
Snuffling in its cave
Scrabbling about
Shuffling toward the opening

Don’t make a sound!
Take another breath
Find another toe hold

Further up the cliff face
Rain is coming
Don’t let a pebble fall
Don’t rouse the beast

Fingers ache
Arms and legs need a rest
Muscles judder
Keep moving up!

Its head appears
Snout angling for scent
Of prey
Shrink against the rock

Hold tight!
Fingers weaken
Right foot shudders
Pebbles tumble downward

Onto the beast head
It whips up
Yellow eyes focussed
Deep roar

Of rain falling
Through the valley 
And over the mountain
The beast comes!

Arms and legs
Flow up the cliff
Following eyes
Blinking in the rain

Flowing down the cliff
Onto the beast
Into its face
Rain and rock pummel

Lightning flash, thunder clap
Slip downward
Beast slashes upward
A ledge ahead!

Roar of beast
Roar of thunder
Ledge in sight
Clamber up and over the edge!

A cave
Out of the rain
Into safety
The storm outside

Sniffeling nose
Dripping hair
Snuffling in the cave
Hear it!