The Little Huntsman

Studying with Scribbles
on Monday night,
a spider wandered up 
past the top
on the wall
behind my laptop screen.

I disturbed the group 
as the beast
up the wall
to perch near my 
high school painting.

After class 
it had adopted the opposite wall
by the place 
where my
would be while I 

It dodged the tea-towel
took three shots of spray
and wandered away.

‘Twas a happy me 
who an hour later
in to bed
but only to suddenly find
the spider
my head!

I grabbed and threw it yon
toward the cupboard
or so I thought
but many searches have not revealed
it’s location.

In my shoe
I expected to find
On the floor or under the bed?
Indeed not.
Perhaps it will turn up in my underpants.

Thusly I continue
glancing here
checking there
for a furry body
and furry legs…
I hope it’s dead
or gone far away.