Vested Self-Interest

10,000’s of years ago, groups of people began arriving in Australia. 200 years ago, more groups began arriving, and a third group over the past few decades. These three immigrations waves represent three distinct and very generalised cultural value systems. One dominates the others to everyone’s peril. Balance must be implemented to ensure survival. ProtectingContinue reading “Vested Self-Interest”

Writer’s Block

The tsunami wavers along the horizon out to sea, while the sun shines down, lazy clouds in the sky. It’s too late to run, no escape from the walls of water. Alone on the beach, just some sea birds hovering in the breeze.  I resign myself to the death approaching me.  But there is suchContinue reading “Writer’s Block”


18 March 2020 I’m fascinated by the impact this viral pandemic is having on societies the world over. The daily activities of hundreds of millions of people is being affected, and any habit which pertains to unhygienic behaviour is being socially altered.  In cultures where physical touch forms part of daily greetings, viral spread isContinue reading “Corona”

Thoughts on Australia

As a continent, Australia is moving north toward the equator at almost seven centimetres a year. Already a huge desert, it may come as no surprise whatsoever that this country is only getting hotter and drier. That doesn’t take a lot of deep thought to grasp. Rising global temperatures are also no complex thing toContinue reading “Thoughts on Australia”

Energy Use Reduction

Over the past few weeks, I’ve watched a few more updating videos about how we are responding to climate change and CO2 production. Sadly, it seems the richest and wealthiest are not actually reducing either, but are actually continuing to increase both. I made a few decisions since then to further reduce my energy consumption:Continue reading “Energy Use Reduction”

Greed Pyramid

I’m curious about something, but first, some backstory… In the 90’s in Australia, it was all the rage to buy into a pyramid scam. It was described to me as ‘buying a seat’ on a ‘plane’, and when twelve people had bought a seat, the first one in collected all $12,000 – leading the otherContinue reading “Greed Pyramid”