Climate Action

Way back on the 4th of May, 1493, the Catholic church came up with a brilliant idea for justifying genocide: the Doctrine of Discovery (1). This religious sanction of theft, enslavement, murder and genocide still forms the basis of White Culture today. As capitalism combined with individualism, enhanced with concepts of cultural and racial superiority (2), all driven to domination, the western European countries dominated the globe. Capitalism was not a driving force for White Culture, but is an outgrowth of the exploitative and murderous nature of White Culture. The blind belief that many whites have for capitalism and its enhanced version of consumerism is identical to the fanatical belief in God or Gods which drive people to brutal murder in non-white cultures. For there to be significant climate action, white fervor for dominance must be addressed. It is up to white people to take this step. The onus of climate action is on white people, and specifically, white Christian men .

Not so long ago, just back in 1992, Eddie Koike Mabo insisted that he had sovereign inheritance to his people’s lands. The High Court of Australia agreed and the Native Title Act (1993) was passed (3). Australian politicians rejected this anti-white superiority decision with the Native Title Amendment Acts of 1998 and 2021 which made returning country to Aboriginal peoples virtually insurmountable. The white people whom I’ve raised this topic with respond with anger and defensiveness, believing that Aboriginal people already get too many handouts, let alone free land.

This entire continent is theirs. Just to state this clearly. Australia is theirs. Us non-Aboriginal peoples just happen to be living here based on people, lands and goods stolen. Oughtn’t we give it all back?

Moving back to the larger picture of White Domination: globalisation is merely the latest evolution in the Doctrine of Discovery. It was the Catholic church which invented it, the Protestants of England who extended it, and now the capitalists of the world who apply it. Extortion is the foundation of the West.

Each of us who engages in credit and debt, who shops beyond bare necessity, who uses energy heedlessly, we are to blame for climate change. Every person who stops eating meat drastically reduces energy consumption. Repairing rather than replacing drastically reduces energy consumption. Cycling, walking, bussing and, in particular, buying locally, all dramatically reduce energy consumption.

China is not to blame when the vast majority of its products are purchased by whites. India is not to blame when the vast majority of its products and services are financed by whites. Middle Eastern countries are not to blame when most of their petroleum exports end up in American, European and other white-majority societies. 

The most effective climate action is to be taken by those who use the most energy: not the yellows, the blacks, the browns, the reds. We whites are the superior users of energy, and we whites are the best leaders in climate action.