Energy Use Reduction

Over the past few weeks, I’ve watched a few more updating videos about how we are responding to climate change and CO2 production.

Sadly, it seems the richest and wealthiest are not actually reducing either, but are actually continuing to increase both.

I made a few decisions since then to further reduce my energy consumption:

  1. Watch videos at 720p not 1080p. I realised that watching at the higher resolution makes my 2011 laptop engage in much higher processing: the fans spin up and the temperature sensors also increase. At 720p, picture quality is certainly good enough.
  2. I changed my Netflix to standard definition based on the same principle, that higher quality video consumes more energy and therefore must be stopped.
  3. I must avoid air travel. Maybe I will only fly again once I move to another country.
  4. I can ride my bike more often.
  5. I found and sealed more gaping holes in my apartment with packing tape to reduce energy loss while trying to stay warm.
  6. Use electric blankets on the floor to be warm rather than large air con units to heat the air.

The goal is to reduce our energy consumption by a factor of six.

I have no car, I do not eat at fast food places, I don’t eat meat although I do eat dairy and fish, I don’t have a TV, I don’t have credit cards or loans, I usually don’t switch on lights but those I do are power savers, and I use Apple products and not just because they are the most efficient, but because Apple is the only company that has an implemented renewable energy policy.

I also use shopping bags as rubbish bags, I reduce, reuse and recycle, I rarely buy new clothes, I don’t use hair or skin care products. I repair everything I can – the Internet is a huge library of DIY information, and I talk about climate change with my students. I walk.

I believe it is not up to the governments of the world to say when and who must do what. I believe it is up to each of us as individuals responsible for our own actions to make choices which support our future, the sustainability of our species and the ecosystems we depend upon for life.

How can you reduce your total energy consumption? If not to one-sixth of how much you currently use, but even by one-sixth? Each of us must be responsible for our own choices and our own behaviour.