Progress with no hindsight may occur for a limited time until incontrovertible boundaries are exceeded. From running too hard and too fast without training, to driving a car without regular maintenance, to pursuing goals without pausing to consider deeper and broader issues.  Unlimited progress is the propaganda of capitalism and those who’ve delegated payment ofContinue reading “Retrogrades”

Mirror, Mirror

‘May I do your Astrology, please?’ ‘Yeah but you know it’s shit.’ ‘I knew you would say that.’ I went on to accurately define the lack of awareness he has of his defensive self-expression, Cancer ASC with Moon in 12th, his inherent non-chalance, Sun in Libra in 4th conjunct North Node, and his incredible intellectualContinue reading “Mirror, Mirror”

Pluto Transit Midheaven

Pluto symbolises the termination of something, its disintegration, and that thing’s recomposition. The Ninth is what we know about the world, the Tenth our place in the world based on our comprehension, and the MC what we stand for and what component we are in society. Everything attempted until this transit falls apart as theContinue reading “Pluto Transit Midheaven”


A great failing of many is the perception of Astrology as something that tells us what we are and indicates events which happen to us: this use of Astrology, to my understanding, places us as passively existing in a universe of variety. With no active agency, and with many traumatic and difficult circumstances which doContinue reading “Self-Empowerment”

The Arrow of Time

Most information I am subjected to, such as news, entertainment, and documentaries, are usually focussed on a moment in time. A situation or phenomenon or relationship is presented as being only relevant to a moment in time. Very little information is presented in context of what created the conditions for the content, or what takesContinue reading “The Arrow of Time”

Saturn Transit Mid-Heaven

What could possibly be more excruciating than a Saturn Transit? Well, maybe Pluto, but that’s another story. Wherever Saturn transits, that is the area of our lives requiring realistic and practical solutions. Concomitant with reality are limitations: life is an exercise in limitations, and Saturn represents that which forces us to choose between what weContinue reading “Saturn Transit Mid-Heaven”

Science or Faith?

In trying to define myself and my experiences, I have often tried to identify the context of various experiences. I grew up with Tarot cards, numerology, palmistry and tea leaf reading, but my hobby became Astrology. Over the decades, there are two themed responses that are often used to discredit Astrology: it isn’t a religionContinue reading “Science or Faith?”