Wake Up, Woke

If the woke movement is actually a force for diversity, instead of replacing male characters with females, how about introduce powerful female characters from other cultures? Japan, for instance. Amaterasu could be a deeply engaging counterpoint to Scandinavia’s Thor. Just imagine the cultural exchanges and worldview differences! But, no, we get the Ms Male Principle (thanks, Anita!) Then, when the male who originated the story has been displaced, the female embodies the worst qualities of any person: selfish, aggressive, vindictive. Why? What actually is the woke agenda?

I grew up with some fantastic female characters and never questioned their agentic power, their sovereignty or their humanity. They naturally embodied these qualities. Ms Hulk, Ms Thor and Ms Captain don’t even act like people, let alone a woman whose example is worth lauding. The vitriol of the writers toward men creates a deeply antagonistic engagement both on screen and in society. Is this the woke agenda: a culture war? What for? What possible positive consequence could come from this?

Inclusion, cosmopolitanism and diversity cannot be achieved with blatant philogyny. Attacking patriarchy will, I imagine, only force people to take sides in something that is toxic. Women leading, like New Zealand’s ex-Prime Minister Dame Jacinda Ardern, exemplifies how woke ought to present women in their stories. Lead by example. Show a better way. Not by reacting to ‘men’ but providing an option to the only game in town would help. Describe how this option would be better than whatever working definition of patriarchy is being applied. How would such an option function? How?

And women who have power, how about ensuring equal pay? It’s one of the last equal rights issues that has not been resolved. That would instantly create a positive social change.