Dawn and Dusk

Daylight comes to rising murmurs of the birds, and I’m breathing
as they stir sleepily on leafy perches: I’m breathing.

Glow of dawn washes away the stars
and the wash of cars grows with the brightening morn: I’m breathing.

Dread and despair, old friends now gone;
awake and expectant are my new friends borne, I’m breathing.

So much to do and prepare and decide but
now’s not the time, time is on my side and I’m breathing.

Life teaching me to stop and stay, to
now take a steady step as I make my way: I’m breathing.

I pulled another piece from the Jenga tower
but don’t let them shower down just yet. I’m breathing.

Pulled another thread from my tapestry
but it’s not completely unraveled just yet. I’m breathing.

Evening cool breeze flows through the city
lights coming on shine like stars in the dusk and I’m breathing.

Nighttime comes with the chirruping of crickets and
hooting of owls from surrounding thickets, I’m breathing.

Steadfast I stayed my course, through thick and thin but now that way is closed: I open a new door and clamber into a new room. A new task laid at my feet: I step forward.