All is not well in the state of Britain. Post-Brexit, the wealthy are syphoning billions of pounds out of the tax revenue generated wealth of the nation. The lower classes have difficulty accessing food and housing. Human rights are being flushed into the waterways with raw sewage just like it was in the 1800s.

Britain’s ‘participation’ in the EU is a long and painful story. Continuous demands for exceptions from and unveiled antagonism toward the EU indicate a particular character. This character is passive-aggressive and indicates unresolved traumatic abuse.

Let’s glance over the UK’s history and test this hypothesis:
– Celtic tribes conquered by Roman Empire
– Romanised Celts conquered by Angles, Saxons, and Jutes
– Celtic values destroyed by Christians
– Celto-Saxons conquered by Vikings and the Danes
– Saxons and Danelaw conquered by the Normans
– Finally, in the 1500s, England establishes its own theocracy
– England conquers most the world as the British Empire
– Centuries of Protestants and Catholics murdering each other
– England betrayed by bankers and put into centuries of debt
– British Empire collapses and is beaten up by the German 3rd Reich
– Great Britain suddenly must cooperate with EU

Intergenerational trauma. Over-compensating. Vulnerable yet ferocious. Specious claims of sovereignty.

Currently, the wealthy who persuaded the voting public are still pumping cash out of the economy and many have bought EU passports. The ruling elite have no checks or balances and no person of the upper classes is accountable. For example, the King just increased his yearly pay to £1450,000 a year.

For what? What actual contribution to society does he make? Any of them?

I am not communist: I believe, and based on experience and observation, that most people do not want to be responsible for everything in the community. I am, however, socialist: I believe all government is to serve the health and welfare of the public, hence the term ‘public servants’.

The class warfare that neoliberalism exemplifies is war of economics, of liberty, of welfare. Brexit Britain is the accelerated version of neoliberalism. A trajectory delineated. I’m deeply concerned with the egregious decisions of the upper ruling classes; these actions demand wealth redistribution.

Regulation of wealth and its strict enforcement must be core to every society’s continued existence.

Brexit is a humanitarian disaster and the rich are getting away with it.