The End of History

History ends when there is no recollection of the past, no plan for the future, or no one alive to record what has happened.

The policy of using profit as the core value of society is manifesting all three.

Fukuyama-sama is intelligent but I would like to slip into something more comfortable and suggest a fictional interpretation of his proposition for modelling society on profit enhancement and nothing else.

First a little background.

For centuries before they were terrorised into becoming a colony by the Americans, the Japanese lived in a closed country which was 100% sustainable. Life was not luxurious at all! By this I mean that there was no electricity, no wheeled vehicles, no advanced medicine, and there were often wars between the power holders.

There was also no freedom of dress or employment, where you could live, or escaping any wrong doings: criminals had a symbol of their crime tattooed on their foreheads. As a consequence, the Japanese as a whole naturally became incredibly moral.

On the other hand, there was almost 100% literacy, functional sewers, something London got only recently and something Jedda still does not have, fresh running water, freshly cooked tasty food everywhere, and a veneration of nature ensured a healthy and beautiful natural environment.

Never having lost a battle with a foreign power until the Yanks, the Japanese developed a superiority complex which is part of the Japanese identity. Not two nuclear attacks could change that. Just the opposite happened, actually. My observations indicate that Nagasaki and Hiroshima are held as absolute proof of the barbarism of Westerners who are never to be trusted and never to be provided any indulgence..

Fukuyama-sama is fiendishly clever, perhaps one of the cleverest people of the our times. The absolute insult of being coerced by foreigners at the point of a gun and then at the threat of nuclear annihilation and then having foreigners write the Japanese constitution and then having Yank military forces rape and murder Japanese girls and face zero consequences (and, yes, there is a lot more), well, the psychological pressure to exterminate the ongoing threat of American Hegemony is vital.

Let’s dive into fiction.

There are few things that rich men want more than more riches. How could we use this against them? Hmmm… let’s create a plan that ensures they die by their own sword. Poetic justice, if you will, and amusing irony all rolled into one.

Money. There is a price where any indoctrinated westerner will sell a family member into slavery. Sociopathic behaviour guarantees this. Sociopathic behaviour depends upon disconnection from stable sources of psychologically healthy needs. Well, industrialisation, capitalism, over-population and monotheism all help with that. How about we turn money into its own reason to exist. How about we venerate the power and wealth of money as a means to its own end? The rich and powerful will love this!

Once we venerate capitalism, confirming that more money makes society more comfortable, we can trickle the idea of increasing wealth down to everyone! Yes, this is working well. Immoral and superficial people are unable to resist greed. This is looking quite successful. 

We need a red herring.

Competition… capitalists love the idea of competing. What could be competing with what which makes no sense but will worry people. Hmmm… not races. The West is already a hodgepodge of races and ethnicities. That’s stupid.. Um… classes won’t do. That might attract attention. 

Oh! How about politics? Regulations are still preventing businesses from making more money. Yes. Politics is impersonal and irrelevant to competition as a direct threat. Money can be accumulated in any unregulated society. Let’s go!

But wait: people need to feel reassured and to feel pride in their societies. The functions which built the West’s power need to be divided, conquered. Socialist projects such as health and education and public utilities depend upon taxation. No one is proud of taxes. Democratic processes such as voting are superficial indicators of what is a better society as opposed to places where voting does not happen.


Taxes are evil and reduce possible standards of living; voting means we have the power of choice: freedom!


Liberal Democracies = good for wealth and power: everyone has a chance to become wealthy.

Socialist Dictatorships = evil for humanity because there will never be a choice.

Must ignore or vilify Socialist Democracies. They’re a problem. Hide the fact that the US, UK and Australia are one hegemony. That should be easy to simply not talk about.

Competition between differences in political ideologies will keep them going for decades as there is no actual race there, just powerful and rich men trying to out-manoeuvre each other before the music stops. All the little people can battle each other.

No regulations ensures public revenues and private enterprise will feed each other until they implode. 

Such clever fiendishness!

The Americans. Nemesis. They must be coddled, cooed, adored. They are always telling everyone they are the best. Let’s make them the best. Yes. No scrutiny of their social system will prevent any corrections or acknowledgement of failures. Blaming the victim is an integral part of competition and is a function of both capitalism and monotheism. 

This is too good to be true!

‘American liberal democracy is the only correct political system and everyone will eventually emulate them.’