Chiron Return

Chiron reflects what we avoid in ourselves. By sign and house, we can clarify what we most fear about ourselves: existing? having a body? relationships? The position of Chiron thusly indicates how to approach our fears and attempt a resolution.

Transits of Chiron to natal Chiron time when these fears arise and that we may address them. When a planet returns to it’s natal position in the chart, it is not like a clock that goes around and around. It is very important to imagine the movements of planets through time: a spiral.

What happened last time is not exactly the same as what’s happening this time.

Natal position of Chiron indicates what we have unconsciously. Each square and opposition times enacting this deeper aspect of our psychology and may become more aware of our personality. The Return is when the birds come home to roost: we address what we have done with ourselves.

Hindsight, focussed on the timing of squares and oppositions, clarifies our actions taken in the past and therefore indicates a trajectory for our future actions.

This future direction naturally works in alignment with the North Node.

Where Saturn Return times when we choose to function with more self-responsibility, or we waive that choice, Chiron Return times when we address what we have avoided most.

Biologically and psychologically, we have a natural aversion to pain. The Chiron Return indicates when we stop avoiding and address our pain.