North Node

How we grow; what we must become.

Aries: our independent identity and will
Taurus: standing by our own hand-built values
Gemini: knowing what is worth knowing
Cancer: nurturing ourselves first
Leo: focussing principles on our health
Virgo: creating perfection healthily

Libra: balancing my will with others
Scorpio: valuing others’ values
Sagittarius: knowing the purpose of information
Capricorn: being our own authority
Aquarius: facilitating all diversity
Pisces: perfection is not defined by us

Just a shorthand note the above, and while this reflects the Sun position in the chart, the nodes indicate a life-long process of awareness and self-understanding.

Each transit of Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and Chiron indicate when we move forward and each planet indicates the nature of the situation; the house of the transit how that situation manifests.

Example: Me
Chiron transiting Chiron 12th Aries: resolving identity imbalances
Uranus transiting 1st Taurus, 150º Uranus: Sudden changes to identity and values
Neptune transiting Moon 11th Pisces, square Saturn 2nd Gemini and square Vertex 9th Sagittarius: Crisis in spiritual needs
Pluto transiting MC Capricorn: Completely reconstructing status and authority

In context of Capricorn North Node 9th:
I must improve. Always stepping back from the head of the line, always letting – putting – others first, I’ve remained incredibly immature in one aspect of my life: taking responsibility for myself. Nurturing others is a laudable function but I’ve not received any lauds. I must improve. I must improve me. Aries ASC and T-square to Mars ensure I will naturally act with independence. 

I’ve realised I have no option but to determine my own status in society and it is up to me to manifest this by myself.

No more taking another step back down the line to let someone else go before me. 
No more waiting and wanting another distraction (oh, yes, Gemini Sun, Pisces Moon).

I must prove myself to me.