Please listen to the B-52’s Cake.

What’s the best cake you’ve ever eaten? Pineapple Upside-Down, Devil’s Chocolate?

My father and I were chatting about cakes.

The icing is lovely. Icing covers the cake and invites the eater in. A welcoming to enter delight.

Most of the cake is what’s inside. The volume, the identity of the cake, its main ingredients which fill you up. Where the icing is the front door and entrance, the body of the cake is the rest of the house.

But every house needs a foundation, a base. The base of the cake holds the lot together. Not all cakes have a base made of ingredients. Sometimes it’s the actual plate upon which it is served. Sometimes it’s more nebulous such as the idea the cake represents.

Sumptuous. Scrumptious. Enticing. Irresistible. Delectable!

But, isn’t icing like love – just the invitation to engage? A mere preamble.

We mused upon our metaphor.

Then the body of the cake, that which makes for succulent eating, is respect. The volume of the cake. It’s value. True satisfaction is respect.

Savouring our analogy he proclaimed:

The base of the cake is trust.

All three elements make for great eating, a vital indulgence. A gastronomical enjoyment building a lasting memory.

Let’s have our cake and eat it, too. Yum, yum!