Lesson at the Yorkian

Luka Lesson takes the stage and you can already feel
Pages turning in his mind as he recites with power
The ages we’ve waited to hear these lines

Live it is with ‘May Your Pen Grace the Page’
Delivered to the crowd they grow loud and cheer
To the rhymes that clear the message through the voices

Ringing through the New Yorkian he
Performs the norms of poetry and writing with a
Pen he holds that embolds and breaks the moulds

Assonance and alliteration in twenty-eleven
Modulated to last the ages, twenty-four seven
He tells the pen as the pen tells him.

Where ever he goes he knows the words
Shows the drive to be alive and connect
Growing passion sowing power through the room

Luka zooms through imagery which links
His pen and love and between the sheets
He finds his love of making words

Speaking to each of us and empowering
Reaching beyond boundaries and devouring
Suspicion and doubt, the crowd is shouting

Because they know
Because he knows
The truth
That we are all one people.