It’s 4am 4am 4am 4am it is…

It’s 4 in the morning and we copy a dull theme that became a meme
A TED-sponsored presentation which bent the genre and the sender of the message circled back again and again
The laughter was fun until the third time was done and I became dumb
Find a way to stay invested in the TED-tested my mind wasn’t rested

A time for leaving behind the kind of humour based on rumour and the sooner
we know there is more to wit and perception and we feel the grit
of the lives around us, the separations that divide us, queerness that drives us
connecting our sex to the next best level, put our necks on the line and be inclined
to say what is never said because the politically correct are not dead

We worked through the years of tears
The red and the white
Roses rose and fell in battles
Centuries after the Enlightenment showed the way
For each and every human to have their say

The hour for reckoning is well passed
Arsed to make a move the profiteering lasts
Aghast that segregation still thrives in academic lives
And lies still mires social progress worse than floods and fires