In Between

Silenced today not allowed to have my say
Coz I’m white I got no right to fight against 
The racism and segregation at play

Minimised they way you’ve been
Dismissed the way you’ve been
Marginalised the way you’ve been

What right have I got to know
The difference between native title and
The people that sowed

The fields, tended the cows, were whipped and used
And centuries of genocide and hiding
The truth?

1992 was such a long time ago
Australia’s High Court well did know
That terra nullius had to go

But Howard and the neoliberals
Put a sharp end to principles
And Murdoch provided the pictures.

You can’t know how shocking it is
To hear a Person Of Colour
Enact segregation and hate

Full of righteousness and polarised thought
You vanish for what so many have fought
And brought the world to your black-and-white court

Person Of Colour? 
Then what am I?
A Person Without Colour?
Or just white?

The benefit to you in creating a broader segregation
That covers the entire world in colour or white
Brings you a sense of might and protection
Your attitudes reveal the infection

Of fear and powerlessness and pain
Cosmopolitanism is the name of the game
We all gain together proud of diverse identities
Or continue the insane frame of

Me versus you.