Resolved Depression

Furious and frustrated, the anger must be suppressed. Attacking those responsible for capitalism and the wealthy getting wealthier may only further reduce our freedom. Lashing out at the ignorant does not end their ignorance. Self-harm achieves a certain validation but an inconsequential one.

‘May as well end it all.’

I’ve often been in this space until a few months ago. 

I forced myself to go outside. I bought a falafel and on the way home, looked up. Perched on the telephone lines above the footpath was an owl. 

Very rarely have I seen an owl, even at Mt Nebo where I lived for several years as a child. Seeing an owl in Brisbane in the middle of the city was surprising enough to jolt me out of my mood for a moment.

I gave a friendly hoot to the owl as I passed underneath. Just as I did, it shit on my falafel and flapped off. 

Such timing! Such accuracy! Such coincidence!

I figure that if so many unlikely things can happen, then being self-indulgent enough to wallow in misery is itself an ironic statement. 

Whenever I feel the frustration boil now, all I see is owl poo flying toward my dinner. Not so depressed any more.