Progress with no hindsight may occur for a limited time until incontrovertible boundaries are exceeded. From running too hard and too fast without training, to driving a car without regular maintenance, to pursuing goals without pausing to consider deeper and broader issues. 

Unlimited progress is the propaganda of capitalism and those who’ve delegated payment of progress to others who have been dehumanised. This distraction tactic is losing credit as climate disasters point toward the next mass extinction event.

‘As above, so below.’

The philosophy of Astrology incorporates the necessary pause to clarify boundaries with retrogrades. When planets transit back over a point, we simultaneously lose momentum. Plans, communications and effort all lose ground. Where planets are retrograde in the natal chart, frustration, inaccurate and ineffective effort and beliefs manifest.

Pause to do what?

To question.

A retrograde transit over natal planets provides the timing of frustration of forward momentum. Retrograde natal planets indicates a life where considering one’s deeper and broader consequences of being alive is necessary and beneficial. 

Retrogrades function to build hindsight. Paradoxically, when we have least success in moving forward, we must work hard on analysing past actions and their consequences. 

Once the transit retrograde planet moves forward, we are swept along with whatever insight we gleaned, dashing forward with our new-found awareness. 

Having someone to talk to about whatever frustrations we are experiencing, someone who listens and encourages us to ask ourselves more and better questions, is the best help. Avoid those who want to tell you what to do or those who try to fill you with their own questions and answers.

Planning for the next stage of progress ensures we live more truly, more competently, and more connected to the world around us.