Drip Castles

wait ‘till the sun starts going down
find a place on the beach
where the waves flow in and out
the sand is light and fine

dig a hole where the biggest waves just reach
wait for the water under the surface
to fill it
then start clumping

walls around the sea face
high to hold the tower
thick to withstand the impacts
ready to hold arches

take your hand
slide into the sand
in the pool
and choose where to drip

fine sand and water
dribbles down your fingers
a gloop at first
then drops

a wave is coming

add some more
slop the sand higher
the wave hits the embankment
washing around into the pool

build more towers
create some arches
other hand holds the structure
until the water drains away

passers-by compliment

encircle the pool
protected from the sea
the tide is coming in

the towers tower above your shoulders
the waves wash in higher and faster
the foundations begin to falter
the cracks mark the end

add to the cracks
fill them in
destruction is imminent

only mounds are left

and memories

of fun in the sun

with drip castles