Australia has not declared independence from the British Crown. Over the past 25 years, our political upper class has rejected ancient Australian’s continuous pleas for policy to reflect the Mabo Case No. 2 in 1992 and the High Court Ruling supporting the Native Title Act 1993. Our society has been significantly repurposed for American consumerism through Murdoch TV and the diversion of funds from public and secular to supremacist and religious organisations. Are we to stay indifferent?

Queen Elizabeth the Second passed away. The monarch who oversaw the dismantling of the British Empire. The most popular monarch in the history of the world. 230+ years after the Crown illegally seized Aboriginal children and lands and began the murderous settling of Australia, there is still no resolution of Native Title presented by either Britain or Australia. In Australia, my impression is that most people younger than 30 grew up in an Americanised society and all seem lost when I comment on the fundamental social changes here.

Studying our history as lightly as I have, studying about Pemulwuy and Multuggerah, becoming familiar with Aboriginal authors and studying white culture, British history and Australian politics, I am lead to the conclusion that nationalism is the solution: national pride!

Where this pride is based on diversity, the desire for truth telling, the courage to redress suppression and violence, and the esteem to use power to protect the weak, this is the nationalism I recognise. We as a nation which engages in active reparation, educates through the media promoting hybrid cooperation, and educators who understand alternative worldviews: this kind of nation.

Nationalism is a function and we may determine its content. Climate disasters are worsening. Let’s prepare ourselves to not work against each other as supplies dwindle, but to work with each other for mutual survival.