Mirror, Mirror

‘May I do your Astrology, please?’

‘Yeah but you know it’s shit.’

‘I knew you would say that.’

I went on to accurately define the lack of awareness he has of his defensive self-expression, Cancer ASC with Moon in 12th, his inherent non-chalance, Sun in Libra in 4th conjunct North Node, and his incredible intellectual processing of everything, Mercury Libra in 3rd conjunct IC. I also identified his unbalanced attitude and thinking processes with Mercury and Chiron conjunct within 2′.

This took less than 10 minutes.

How long would this have taken a therapist to determine and address?

Our conversation about his needs and self-recriminating thoughts and comments allowed him to, perhaps for the very first time, talk about how and why he engages in this counter-productive activity. By the end of our conversation, he stopped accusing himself of having no feelings and understood the difference between ‘an intellectual’ and ‘intellectualising’, giving him a pragmatic view of his own skills and talents.

We also evaluated his needs regarding personal relationships, revealing a truely complex set of needs. He immediately began intellectualising these not necessarily disparate connection styles, but definitely deeper and broader needs that he was not currently aware of.

Astrology is not a taro card session or a crystal ball that someone gazes into. Astrology is a mirror which shows us more than we can see. Astrology presents complex information in summary, spanning levels of awareness and of development. Astrology maps changes and times events. Find an Astrologer who does not make you the ‘victim’, the passive recipient of ‘fate’, or the ‘lucky’ person.

Find an Astrologer who polishes the mirror so you can see yourself most clearly.