Secondary Progression


I discovered yesterday that my mother and father both have the same progression cycle: at the moment, they are one year away from Progressed Moon conjunct Progressed Sun.

Both are experiencing a phase of life where they are throwing away many things and clearing out the old to make way for the new, as this configuration indicates. The exciting aspect is comparing and differentiating!

My mother currently has Pluto just crossed her ASC and now transiting her First: the torrential rains last month leaked into the ceiling and the walls. Her home has been destroyed from the inside out and black mould grows from everything. She is being stoic with a tinge of suppressed hysteria. 

This configuration indicates the last 30 years of beliefs and habits which culminated in her life have come to a disastrous end: rebuilding identity. Expected projection: mum will refresh her home using all funds available to make it even better.

My father currently has Saturn approaching its third Return: he has been overly concerned with death and dying and has been very slow to put his affairs in order. He has a litany of complaints which he pursues with unending passion – his major complaint is that he has no energy. And he is determined to leave a legacy to his kids.

This configuration indicates the last 30 years of beliefs and habits have culminated in a trap of sorts: poor health prevents activity, unable to exercise his health worsens. Expected projections is he will resolve to be where he is.

Comparatively, the destruction of Pluto and the stagnation of Saturn clarify the theme of the Return Progression: losing things – usually deliberately, giving things away, throwing things away, ending relationships no longer suitable. The last two years of the Secondary Progression cycle is where we prune the hedge back, lop off the untidy branches, and till the soil.

Once the Progressed Moon transits the Progressed Sun, the next 30 year cycle begins. I’ve never seen the new cycle commence suddenly or noticeably: people take time to grow into their new, cleared lives, creating the new cycle’s foundation.

One more coincident comparison: my Secondary Progression cycle is exact opposite my parents: just as my Progressed Moon oppositions my Progressed Sun, Pluto with transit my MC.

From conjunction to opposition, the first 15 years is about creating, learning, developing and growing; the second 15 is about applying, enacting, resolving and refining.

This configuration indicates I will invest deeply in my career, obsessively so, restructuring my place in society and how I orient myself.

Evidence thus far: Pluto went retrograde within 1º of my MC last week. The three weeks previously I was in deep depression which lifted with my resolving to just focus on becoming a writer: ‘I made my bed, now I sleep in it.’

14 years ago I had broken my arm and also realised my dream: to gain professional and academic support to create educational workshops at a university based on student output focussed pedagogy.

The students improved well but the rest of it was a disaster in every way: Pluto had just entered my 9th – this project was at a university and in a foreign country.

I hope my life does not continue being a disaster.