Pluto Transit Midheaven

Pluto symbolises the termination of something, its disintegration, and that thing’s recomposition. The Ninth is what we know about the world, the Tenth our place in the world based on our comprehension, and the MC what we stand for and what component we are in society.

Everything attempted until this transit falls apart as the comprehension of our place in the world changes: people are creatures of ideas and when the ideas we’ve identified with our entire lives have been rescinded, we naturally reconsider who and where we are.

Being creatures of ideas, the loss of identity – a tapestry of ideas – results in a great deal of stress and confusion. Daily interactions amplify the loss of meaning and the loss of context resulting from recognising treasured ideas as no longer applicable.

How do we live?

Intrinsic to this question are the goals we have, and Pluto transit MC indicates when we assess the gap between what we have expected and what we have achieved. When our efforts to improve skills, create harmony with others, and ensure a better life result in a lot of wasted money, worthless relationships and an unrewarding career, it is to our guiding ideas we must look.

What motivates me – and what has it gotten me?

Assessing our motivations and evaluating them in terms of where we find ourselves in life is no mean feat. Excruciating humility comes home to roost while disbelief and directionlessness squark and flutter continuously. Dejection is the theme of this transit while we are slapped by our failures, unsuccessful endeavours and unaddressed yearnings. The howling mismatch between guiding ideas and reality ensure there is no ignoring that which is most important to us.

The resolution of this mismatch is adopting ideas which have a direct impact on reality: this is a level of realism we were not previously aware of. There is no blame or fault here. Growing and developing is all about becoming more aware.

This transit indicates where reality supersedes ideas. We are forced (Pluto) to relinquish our assumptions and beliefs (Ninth) to engage fully with the world (Tenth).