Naturally Sexual

Below are analysed some issues regarding sexuality. Off the top of my head, there are many studies from psychology, sociology, neurology and et cetera which clearly indicate that sexuality can not be categorised as only heterosexual or homosexual: gender and sexuality and identity interact and form a tapestry of human experience. 

There are many religions which continue to vilify gays, targeting men who have sex with men, yet those same religions have made social progress regarding women’s rights. A good example is Christianity which openly supports women receiving an education, a very recent development and formerly against doctrine. 

I invite you to write your own responses to the topics below for your own edification.

Is gay wrong?
Is for some people, not for others. 

Who says gay is wrong?
Religious people and frightened people and disgusted people. Those three groups are welcome to mind their own business and LEAVE THE GAYS ALONE.

Religious Texts and History
Some cite their indoctrination texts as basis for vilification of gays, yet those same texts usually have very clear statements of women getting an education or speaking. Any women who vilifies gays is simply a hypocrite. Any man who allows their women to speak and get educated is also a hypocrite. The solution is to discard such texts and write new texts based on equality and human rights.

Naturally Pleasurable
The male G-spot is in his rectum and although not all men enjoy being stimulated in this way, for those who do, they are extremely happy with such. If you are not (yet) interested in such, then by all means don’t be open to being stimulated in that way. In any case, LEAVE THE GAYS ALONE.

Natura Nos Docet
Extricating this slogan from the tentacles of the devout, some people cannot abide by heterosexual interactions. Therefore, it is natural for them to be gay. Their being gay indicates a natural order of existence. 

Health and History
Sexual proclivity’s nasty side-effects, such as sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy, have been greatly ameliorated by modern medicine. This leaves only the insecure to wail about there not being anyone at home for them when they finish work (yes, I am being facetious). Fear is no basis for relationships. If you are in a relationship with someone who may be running about, the solution may not be to force entire segments of humanity to stop being who they naturally are.

Religion and Sexuality
It is my right to live free of your religion.
Once all religious groups have incorporated total transparency about paedophilia and sexual assault of children, historical and current, we may return to the human sexuality aspect of ‘faith’. The research studies into child indoctrination by world religions indicate life-long trauma. 

God Hates Gays
How did you find this out – He messaged you one day? Or, like hundreds of millions of others, you believe He personally spoke to you in your mind and you have been empowered with Divinity to pass judgement as you wish? Get real. LEAVE THE GAYS ALONE.

Many believe their religion is the source of human morality yet have never bothered to question how societies, both past and present, sometimes demonstrate stronger morals than theirs. Is indifference to equality, paedophilia, theft, murder, genocide, extortion and tax evasion moral? Women have only very recently been granted the right to vote: was Catholicism ‘moral’ before this change? Christianity in particular has centuries of heinous activities supporting its power and status. Read about the Doctrine of Discovery and the impact it STILL has on native peoples globally, if you are curious.

Sexual Identity
As a child I knew to whom I was attracted. It was a natural experience for me. How old were you? How did you know? When did you confirm this feeling by interacting sexually with that type of person? Some people I’ve met didn’t become sexually self-aware until they were in their 20s, some in their 30s, some in their 40s or later. Gay-straight is NOT A BINARY. If you are possessed by a need to fit every human into a binary – or worse, a singular – then perhaps it is you who is not allowing nature to take its course: accepting other people for who they are can be a deeply personal experience.

I have a deep and real phobia of heights. My body shuts down and I become, at worst, incapacitated – even when someone else is next to a ledge. What are yours: spiders, birds, needles? For the gays: some people are deeply horrified and terrified of gays and they cannot help it. Psychology and neurology are catching up and hopefully will discover why different people have different phobias or none at all.

Until then, if you are not gay, then please either mind your own business or do some pragmatic research into the diversity of human sexuality. Academic research is a treasure trove! Anytime you feel the urge to use your religion to justify being unkind and disrespectful, please consider that your religion has always been changing and will continue to change. To those of us who are different: there are many who are different!

My question to everyone is: what kind of world do we want this to be?