Gramma Disasta

Frighteningly, the icy tentacle caressed her cute pink nose and she began to quiver. She wasn’t sure she could even wriggle; she wasn’t sure she could even blink! There was a hideous gleam in the vile creature’s eyes; eyes which seemed to neither focus nor blink.

Her home, which until now had been her inner sanctum, was being torn away! If I cannot stay, her befuddled mind lurched, I shall have to go. The tentacle stopped; it passed; it withdrew. She saw her chance!

Pouncing from the slimy creature, she fled toward the ballroom; the slippery floor offering treachery as she dashed on and a wail pealed from behind her… ‘Meowgli!’

The Evil Doctor noticed her escape and pursued her through the house with the tattered remains of her home trailing behind him.

I shan’t avail you of a second chance! She careened through the alien yet delightfully appointed living room; her claws betraying the passage of her escape. Several artfully placed items ended their existences as they crashed onto the floor, their ends resulting in more fevered wailing from her pursuer.

A dead-end! Her furry face became sandwiched between the glass door and her still-moving body and she let out a sad little ‘Oomphf!’