Enormous waves crash endlessly, far, far below.
My footsteps proceed along the edge,
A small way from the dusty rim.
The roar of surf dimmed by the distance,
As pebbles fall silently toward the roil.

Just jump! It would be so easy, I know.
Many times the ease of the fall has conquered me.
This time is different. 
This time my feet continue stepping forward.

One step at a time, I place each step.
Each step takes so long to make.
Making my way forward along the edge.
The edge stretches out through time.

Cool breezes flow through a cloudless sky.
My breathing proceeds as I step along the path,
A small speck under the distant sun.
Its dazzling light casts shadows beside me,
As dust and debris float silently toward the roil.

Fear paralyses my mind! But my feet step forward.
Many steps taking me forward.
This step I take.
I cannot not move forward.
One step at a time, I urge myself forward.

Forward is my journey.
Along the edge of the cliff I make my way.
This edge stretches for eternity.
Brilliant sunlight pours endlessly from far above.

My eyes flick between the edge and my feet
A small distance apart.
I keep the distance never-changing,
Terror keeping me resolute.

A final moment with a leap will end the predicament.
The torture finally resolved.
But I’ve been that way before,
And so I take another step.

One step at a time,
The chasm beckons.
Every step keeps me alive.
The cliff edge enthrals me.

Eternity is this abhorrent?