Who Am I? The Sun vs Chart Depositor

Astrology provides many opportunities to gain useful insight and improve awareness. The breadth and depth of this tool lends itself to the preferences and predilections of the Astrologer, resulting in the tapestry of Astrology extant around the world today.

I prefer to apply Ockham’s Razor, reducing details and bringing clarity. To this end, I view the chart within the context of the Nodes and how the native moves forward through their life.

But who is it I am actually working with? The Sun’s placement represents that which we fundamentally are. Yet basing readings only on the Sun’s placement as key identity signifier can lead to inaccurate interpretations. Let’s look at what affects the data.

The Moon

The placement of the Moon must be taken into consideration as to how the represented energies interact with the Sun’s. A T-Square Moon to Sun will always reflect the overt emotional and protective functions in conflict with the native’s natural state.

The Chart Ruler

The Planet ruling the Sign of the Ascendant requires a two-part interpretation: the Aspect from Sun to ASC; and Sun to ASC Ruler. These both indicate how the native expresses themselves. If either or both are in Square or Opposition, the native’s modes of self-expression are in tension.

Major Configurations

Yod, Grand Trine, Grand Cross, Stellium and Bucket all alter how the Sun may be interpreted in a chart, and the T-Square is no exception. For some natives, Configurations provide a more relevant insight than the Sun by itself.

The Twelfth House

Any Planet placed in the Twelfth tends to sometimes colour, sometimes completely override, the Sun’s or Chart Depositor’s placement by Sign. In these cases, the native’s usual response to many mundane questions will be ‘I don’t know’ or they will exude a certain reticence: either way, trying to gain a realistic answer can take hours. 

The Chart Depositor

What I have discovered is that the Depositor has a much greater effect than the above points to such an extent that the native may not present as their Sun’s placement. This is where the fun begins!

The way to calculate the Chart Depositor is to through each Planet by Sign in the native’s birth chart and account for each Ruler. 

Example 1:
Sun in Taurus = Venus Depositor; Venus in Gemini = Mercury D; Mercury in Taurus = Venus D. Here we have a  perfect example of Mutual Reception of Mercury and Venus as Chart Depositors. In this chart, the native may be Taurus by Sun placement, yet will be quite adept at Geminian tendencies: word play, solid and balanced thinking, and a good conversationalist.

Example 2:
Sun in Aquarius = Uranus D; Uranus in Cancer = Moon D; Moon in Cancer = Moon D. Here, even though the Aquarian Sun indicates detachment and a principled orientation to life, the Moon Chart Depositor reflects the native’s fundamental drive toward nurturing and emotional experiences.

Example 3:
Sun in Capricorn = Saturn D; Saturn in Leo = Sun D: the Sun and Saturn are in Mutual Reception, and both are Chart Depositors, indicating the native is astute, reserved, and conservative. However, in this chart Saturn is Retrograde, indicating a karmic requirement to manage internalised anti-authoritarian attitudes which resulted in a born rebel.

Example 4:
Sun in Leo = easy! All Leos are Sun Ruler and Sun Chart Depositor, but not all Leos are the same. Extending the analysis to other Planets: Moon in Aquarius = Uranus D; Uranus in Gemini = Mercury D; Mercury in Leo = Sun D. Virgo ASC = Mercury D = Sun D. Mars in Leo = Sun D. Venus in Virgo = Mercury = Sun D. This person as essentially under no-one’s influence and is a very focussed and self-contained individual.

As we proceed through someone’s natal chart and delineate Rulerships to identify Depositor/s, we build a functional and clear insight into the native. When the Sun and the Chart Depositor are harmonious, the basic personality is easy to grasp and relate to.

On the other hand, when these two Points are not harmonious, most people find them extremely difficult to relate to: Ares Sun and Libra Chart Depositor depends on others to express independence; Pieces Sun and Leo CD may exemplify humiliation; Sagittarius Sun with Virgo CD will forever need the details before expanding their horizons.

In any case, we must always place the native first and lead the Astrological information to the person. There is no such thing as ‘my Chart Depositor made me do it’: Astrology only reflects what we already are. Applying the Chart Depositor with the tendencies indicated by the Sun’s placement, we can quickly arrive at basis from which to begin interpreting the natal chart.