Thoughts on Brexit

As anyone who watched Yes, Minister in the late 70’s and early 80’s, Britain should never have joined the EU. The political, psychological and cultural landscape of England is simply not consciously capable of such an endeavour. Rather than being joined in harmony with its closest neighbours, England has actually gone to the extreme position of joining with their long-time enemy, the Americans.

Let us consider why this is so, and what the future may hold for the formerly Great Britain.

England has a very long history of being conquered and ruled by foreign lands, of being invaded and pillaged and interfered with. The Celts perhaps superseded the non-homo sapiens, yet they were themselves conquered by the Romans. After than erstwhile empire fell, the Vikings began pillaging, then the proto-Germanic influences began arriving.

This was the original formation of British identity, with Queen Boudica heralding British defiance, which the proceeding generations of Britons and new arrivals from Germanic-speaking nations began assimilating into: Defiance of authority is a core British trait.

This early era of anno Domini was particularly formative for Britannia: the Celt cultures were gradually superseded by the Germanic tribes, providing the basis of what we now call the English language today. The influence of the Scandinavian peoples is also still evident, yet these two groups were only the strongest influences on early British culture.

Skipping forward to the next millennium, the French arrived in 1066 as superior conquerers, ruling England for the next three hundred years, furnishing both language and culture with a slew of new concepts. Centuries later, this would prompt the French to support the new colonies to North America to fight against England in their own defiance of authority.

This is all very Greek mythology with the father attacking his father who attacked his father, but anyway.

The removal of French influence from the isles was pivotal for British identity, and gradually came to a head in the 1500’s with King Henry VIII. The continental spread of Catholicism and its astonishing power is what still today powers British pride: We always win. Yet it was another ruler who solidified Protestantism as the British religion.

The Great Queen Elizabeth I embodied all that is British: inviable, irrepressible, and indomitable. While Henry blundered into renown, Elizabeth cultured the British identity within her own person. And from this point began hundreds of years of Protestants and Catholics murdering each other for superiority.

The British went on to create truely progressive and advanced sociological changes, with the Magna Carta and parliament, the economic machinery to facilitate the Industrial Revolution, and cucumber sandwiches. The absolute failure of the French Revolution and the calumny oozing from the Church simply reinforced British superiority in all things, resulting in the Victorians, appropriately enough.

The undeniably racist, bigoted and closed-minded view of everything not British eventually drew the people of that nation into confrontation with foreign business- and bank-supported Nazis, who believed that they are actually more superior than the British. The farce continues.

Beating the Nazis was just yet one more confirmation of True British Superiority. V for victory is just as much as V for Victoriana. And as the TV series of Yes, Prime Minister continued, the remnants of Victorian England was eventually replaced by the lowest common denominator: foolish bigotry.

England ought to be part of Europe: location, history, practicalities and common sense all point to this reality.

England can NOT be part of Europe: the history of vile murder and a culture deeply invested in bowing to no authority cannot allow the Catholics to gain any foot in any door.

What bothers me about Brexit is the nature of the content used to gain a Brexit outcome for England. This entire endeavour could have been done based on an ‘England for England’ platform, but no, we have emotionally over-reactive, ignorant and vile attitudes harping on about fear and violence where none actually exists.

Brexit has been pitched to the lowest common denominator, where it ought to have been held aloft as a point of pride encapsulating all the positives that the British – regardless of race, colour or creed – have contributed to the world.

Christians – show forgiveness, lead by example, love thy neighbour – need not resort to invective and umbrage to maintain the sovereignty of their nation, nor to protect the integrity of their culture. Surely the bigoted horrors foisted upon India have taught us that intolerance tarnishes permanently! 

Lead by example! Be the light which others look toward! Be winners in all things great and small!