Sunday Update 7

‘Twas a deepening twilight
Descending upon the sea,
Obscuring the clouds,
Fear striking deep inside.

‘Harken unto me!’
Now three-quarters gone
‘Cast forth true Light I shall!
Sol irrevocably exits Her righteous throne.

Upon my decks
Footsteps coalesce,
Drawn to the dignified call
Of the grizzled hierophant.

‘Nay a-folly shall befall the Pure!’
Hands up-raised and face up-turned
‘Tarry not! Obeisance!’
Followers converge at her feet.

My very hull hews into the waters,
Her power draws us all closer to the waves.
The chanting throng rings forth,
The Heavens vibrate in accord!

‘Your Supplicants praise Thee!
Purified Petition we must beseech Thee!’
Yet Her hallowed Disc continues
Its inexorable obfuscation.

As Sol retreats behind Her darkened guise,
Stars emerge from the indigo
And my hull regains buoyancy
As the chorus degenerates into a whimper.