The Battle

Which is more important: the search for truth, or the realisation that truth is relative? Where do we place our alliances: with the unknown or the untrue?

I give my heart and it is diced and discarded,
My faith in thee accounts for nil.
Rend these emotional ties! Release these intellectual games!
Fly through and be that which is above all, release your held-fast grip and fall up!

All my efforts are worthless, my creations reduced to rubble.
Everything decays and dies and everything returns to its original form.
Mustn’t we struggle and pursue growth unwaveringly? 
Isn’t the key to life, its crowning glory, to evolve and develop?

No drop of an ocean can alter the tides.
They are governed by the same forces and do not control each other.
No twig on a river can alter either course.
Recognise your position!

I have been destroyed before and I shall prevail. 
I adapt and grow – the essence of evolution.
I am alive,
And I shall continue.

A million lives you have lived, and a million more shall you.
Greatness evades you, greatness cannot be manifested in primal matter.
Grow beyond the confines of the material world!
Find your place beyond these gross confines!

I grow sick and I shall die.
I age and grow weaker by the day.
The terminal void looms ever closer.
The exit from life is supreme.

The body dies, the personality fades.
There is no death of that which is always in existence.
Release the drives that keep you trapped
And see: each lifetime is but a footprint in the sand!

I cannot! I exist! This life is mine!
Futility entwines itself about me as ivy,
Tentacles that inhibit and constrain,
My power dilutes as the pressures increase.

As the blink of an eye,
Another life passes by,
Adding to the tapestry of the world
Through all its ages.

Where shall I find respite,
Denied success and recognition?
Where may I exceed,
All effort having turned to naught?

The body is a mere vehicle,
A vehicle we are slowly superseding.
For aeons we gradually built this vehicle
And now we are building a new one.

I am responsible for those around me,
And I cannot abandon them. 
I must find the solution!
I can never give up!

You must.
They are not ready to hear.
They are the tentacles that drag you into the mud,
And keep you pinned under death’s scythe while yet living.